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11.10.2019 – 10:00

Zermatt Summit

Changemakers from over 46 countries met in Zermatt
8th Zermatt Summit 2019 - Humanizing Globalization - Entrepreneurship to serve the common good

Changemakers from over 46 countries met in Zermatt / 8th Zermatt Summit 2019 - Humanizing Globalization - Entrepreneurship to serve the common good
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Lausanne (ots)

The Zermatt Summit was held already for the eighth time in mid-September. The invitation that the founder of the Summit Christopher Wasserman extended was accepted by more than 150 top executives and decision-makers from business, science, politics and the arts in the Valais Mountains. In total, delegates from 46 countries exchanged views and had plenary discussions over three days on new business models designed to serve society and the common good.

Christopher Wasserman said, "The spirit of our annual meeting requires not only intelligence, but also heart and mind. We want to inspire each other but not through preaching. At the end of the day, we offer a platform for specific case studies, feasible projects and workable solutions with the goal that increasingly more people are taking similar initiatives." A measurable achievement is certainly the Anti-Illicit Trade Declaration against all forms of illegal trade which was signed at Zermatt Summit 2019 by the Oiste Foundation, the Zermatt Summit Foundation, Sucafina, Integral Petroleum, Philip Morris International and other delegates.

Initiative against the negative effects of illegal trade

Illegal trade affects economic stability, social welfare, public health and also the environment. At the initiative of the Zermatt Summit Foundation, several stakeholders have signed the Anti-Illicit Trade Declaration. The law calls on the international community to combat all forms of illegal transactions.

The digitization of trade and communication, such as real-time data exchange, allows for a more efficient supply of illicit products and an increase in the number of parties involved in this market. This translates into significant prosperity differences between developing and developed countries, and presents legitimate manufacturers and governments with new and significant challenges. From year to year and in all industries, more goods and brands are affected.

This new declaration is urgently needed to raise awareness and combat illegal trade. Among other things, the agreement initiates the following points: a zero-tolerance policy; the improvement of inter-agency mechanisms to combat illegal trade offenses; the support of governments that destroy illegal trade products and the exclusion of criminal entrepreneurs from the business.

First stone paper plant to supply North Africa and Europe

Another concrete example of the fact that the Zermatt Summit is not just talking, but action is also taken on, is the cooperation between the Taiwanese stone paper manufacturer Taiwan Lung Meng (LM) and the leading Moroccan exporter of phosphate rock OCG Group Morocco. A few years ago, LM discovered a unique papermaking technology that uses no wood. The company uses a mixture of mineral powder found in many stones and non-toxic resins. For this ecologically sustainable paper production from stone, no trees need to be felled and little water is needed. This solution is already patented in 40 countries. In Zermatt, President Henry Liang of LM met with OGC's Head Corporate Innovation Asma Jajjani to arrange and sign a collaboration. Another success story that started at the Zermatt Summit.

SkySails pilot facility in Mauritius

The Hamburg-based SkySails Group is a technology leader in the field of automated towing kite systems. SkySails kites are the key technology for capturing the immense potential of high winds. They are the first company in the world to have succeeded in transforming kite towing technology into an industrial application.

This system for power generation from high-altitude winds can be very useful for remote villages or tourist centres. Small and simple installations can supply hundreds of households or an entire hotel resort such as Mauritius. A SkySails system will be installed as a pilot project on the island in the Indian Ocean in the coming months.

The ninth Zermatt Summit 2020 will take place from the September 17 - 19, 2020. More information:

About Zermatt Summit

The Zermatt Summit was launched in 2010 as an international reference platform for promoting a constructive, action-oriented dialogue between various social actors. The conferences are organized by the Zermatt Summit Foundation, an independent NGO recognized as charitable by the Swiss state. The Foundation seeks to bring together stakeholders from civil society, business, politics, religion and the arts to bring more humanity into the process of globalization and give leaders practical recommendations for an economy that benefits people and the common good. Initiator, sponsor and president of the Zermatt Summit Foundation is Christopher Wasserman, founder of a Swiss family business.


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