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12.07.2019 – 10:00

Zermatt Summit

The list of speakers at the Zermatt Summit is impressive
8th Zermatt Summit - September 12 - 14, 2019 in Zermatt

The list of speakers at the Zermatt Summit is impressive / 
8th Zermatt Summit - September 12 - 14, 2019 in Zermatt
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Lausanne (ots)

In less than three months, the 8th Zermatt Summit shall take place in Zermatt from September 12th to 14th, 2019. More than 150 business and opinion leaders from Switzerland, Europe and overseas shall meet in the Valais Alps to bring more humanity into the process of globalization and to discuss new business models that serve society and the common good.

A recent study by economics consultancy Accenture says that brand manufacturers and retailers are currently facing massive pressure when it comes to sustainability. For brands, there is no way around sustainable products. The results of the survey also show that consumers are willing to pay more for green products. For modern and progressive enterprises, it is therefore important to design products that can be recovered for recycling and reuse. At the Zermatt Summit, top speakers and panelists from business, research, academia and politics will come together to highlight concrete examples of disruptive models and explain how they have realized their dreams of a better and more environmentally friendly world and how they have shaped their projects.

Top speakers and panelists

The lineup of speakers and panelists is impressive: Romy Biner-Hauser (Mayor of Zermatt), Christopher Wassermann (Founder and President of the Zermatt Summit Foundation), Adrian Pabst (Political Scientist, Dean of the University of Kent), Stephan Wrage (Founder, CEO, awarded Chairman of Skysails), Ivanka Milenkovic (Founder, CEO, Expert in Microbiology of Ekofungi), Hans Stier (Founder, CEO of Bonaverde Coffee), Dr. Suat Topsu (President Advisory Board of Ellipz Smart Solutions of LiFi), Jonathan Normand (Founder, Director of BLab Switzerland), Briac Barthes (Co-Founder, CEO of hiLyte), Sofia de Meyer (Co-Founder of Les Opus d'Opaline and Opaline Foundation) Patrick Schmutz (Director of Serbeco Group), Christophe Barman (Co-Founder and General Manager of Loyco), Christoph Inauen (Co-Founder of Choba Choba), Clara Gaymard (Co-Founder of Raise, in the Board of Veolia, Bouygues, Danone, LVMH), Gonzague de Blignières (Co-Founder of Raise, Former Chairman of Equistone France), Alisée de Tonnac (CEO, Co-Founder of Seedstars, Board of School Management Fribourg), Carlos Moreira (Wisekey CEO), Giuseppe Lavazza (Vice President of Lavazza Group), Hans Schwab (Founded numerous ventures in the Technology and Services Industry), Mats B. Nilsson (Chairman, Founder of Biomimetic Technology), Henry Liang (President of Taiwan Lung Meng Technology), Brandon Pitcher (Co-Owner of Blue Circle Developments), Dan Mapes (Founder, President of Verses), Raivis Vaitekuns (Founder and CEO of Coffee Pixels), Prof. Dr. Gunter Pauli (Author, Founder of ZERI Network, Blue Economy), Marco Simeoni (Founder of Race for Water), Tarita Alarcon Rapu (Governor of Easter Island), Javier Morales (Project Manager in El Hierro Transformation Program), Jean-Luc Wilain (Head of Business Development IBL Group) and Nicolas Buttet (Member of the Zermatt Summit Board).

Five examples from the list of speakers; portrayed in short Basically, all speakers and panelists deserve a special presentation, as they all have an impressive track record. But all of them stand for ethical business in an increasingly complex world.

Alisée de Tonnac is a globally recognized entrepreneur and co-founder of Seedstars. In 2013, Alisée de Tonnac decided to quit her job and travel the world to find the most promising talents that would influence the future of emerging economies. Since then, she has never stopped searching for the best changemakers. She was recently nominated by Forbes Magazine as a leading "Social Entrepreneur under 30".

The second speaker, nominated by Forbes Magazine for the same category as Alisée de Tonnac, is Briac de Barthes. He is the co-founder of hiLyte. The Swiss-based start-up company has set itself the goal of supplying people who still use kerosene for lighting with cheap, clean energy. The hiLyte battery provides enough power to both charge a phone and light a room for one night. All consumables are non-toxic and easy to find anywhere in the world.

Raivis Vaitekuns is considered to be a true biohacker in the scene. He is the founder and CEO of Coffee Pixels and participates in the Zermatt Summit at one of Prof. Dr. med. Gunter Pauli moderated panel on "Opportunities in the Blue Economy". He and his Estonian team revolutionize the coffee industry by turning waste into nutrients and food.

Marco Simeoni, founder of "Race for Water" will report on the progress of his project since the Zermatt Summit 2018. His "Race for Water" foundation has been committed for years to the quality of water and, in particular, the protection of our oceans, which today suffer from the catastrophic pollution of plastic waste.

And finally, top speaker Giuseppe Lavazza, vice-president of Lavazza, the first coffee market leader to launch 100% compostable and biodegradable coffee capsules in 2015. He fights for a more sustainable, social and inclusive future for commodity manufacturers and traders.

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About Zermatt Summit

The Zermatt Summit was launched in 2010 as an international reference platform for promoting a constructive, action-oriented dialogue between various social actors. The conferences are organized by the Zermatt Summit Foundation, an independent NGO recognized as charitable by the Swiss state. The Foundation seeks to bring together stakeholders from civil society, business, politics, religion and the arts to bring more humanity into the process of globalization and give leaders practical recommendations for an economy that benefits people and the common good. Initiator, sponsor and president of the Zermatt Summit Foundation is Christopher Wasserman, founder of a Swiss family business.


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