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Press release: Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH recommends JUICE BOOSTER 2 for charging the Jaguar I-PACE

Press release: Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH recommends JUICE BOOSTER 2 for charging the Jaguar I-PACE
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Juice Technology AG, a leading manufacturer of mobile charging stations for electric cars, kicks off a joint promotion with Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH.

The JUICE BOOSTER 2 mobile charging station is wowing not only end-consumers, but also manufacturers across the automotive industry. After exhaustive testing, Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH is now offering this mobile 22-kW charging station to customers who buy Jaguar's all-electric I-PACE performance SUV.

"Advancements in electromobility and the establishment and expansion of charging infrastructure are two areas that can't be considered separately from one another. This is why I'm all the more delighted that we're now able to jointly announce this fabulous promotional campaign with Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH. Together, we're hereby setting a whole new standard, as the primary factor defining these cars as well as the charging stations is their excellent quality," exclaims Christoph Erni, CEO of Juice Technology AG.

From now on, customers purchasing an electric car from Jaguar will have the option of acquiring directly from the dealer a model-matched JUICE BOOSTER 2 that's been tested and recommended by the automaker. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is the world's best-selling mobile 22-kW charging station, and for good reason: It's the only standards-compliant mobile charging station in its performance class, a fact recently confirmed too by the "Mobile Chargers" test conducted by the General German Automobile Association (ADAC), which crowned the JUICE BOOSTER 2 its test winner.

"For over 80 years, the Jaguar brand has consistently stood for high-quality design and sporty performance, and the same holds true for the electric I-PACE launched in 2018. Of course, there shouldn't be any let-down in the unique Jaguar driving experience when it comes to charging our performance SUV. With Juice Technology AG, we've found a partner who combines state-of-the-art, convenient charging technology with exquisite designing. So it's also no surprise that, after testing these chargers ourselves, we've decided to recommend the JUICE BOOSTER 2 to our Jaguar customers," explains Dennis Elsweier, Head of Product Marketing at Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH.

For a brief time as part of these promotional efforts, customers purchasing a Jaguar I-PACE from participating Jaguar partners will even receive a JUICE BOOSTER 2 at no extra cost. You can find further information here.


The essential benefits of the JUICE BOOSTER 2 in a nutshell:

1. Recharge your car from any power socket: Using the plug adapters supplied 
   with the JUICE BOOSTER 2, you can recharge your electric car from any power 
   socket in the world.
2. Automatic detection of socket input current: The charger always sets itself 
   automatically to the optimum charging power output, ruling out any 
   overloading of power socket capacity.
3. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is absolutely waterproof (IP 67) and can withstand being 
   run over by up to three tons of wheel load.
4. Type-2 adapters are available for charging sockets, as well as Type-3c 
   adapters for travellers in France. This allows drivers to use the JUICE 
   BOOSTER 2 at public charging stations as well, effectively eliminating the 
   need for any separate charging cable. 
5. JUICE CONNECTOR adapter plug: This connector is CE-compliant and designed to 
   be able to accommodate functions introduced at some future date - because the
   buyer's investment in the JUICE BOOSTER 2 and these adapters should offer 
   long-term sustainability. 



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About Juice Technology

Juice Technology AG, headquartered in the town of Cham in the Swiss canton of Zug, is the world's leading producer of mobile 22-kW electrical charging stations. The broad portfolio of this Swiss manufacturer also includes charging and load management systems, permanent electric vehicle charging stations, wall boxes and DC charging stations. Founded in 2014, Juice Technology rode the success of its JUICE BOOSTER 1 mobile charging station to position itself as the global market leader in this sector already within its first year of business. The company is now firmly established and a major producer of charging infrastructure, having already brought numerous world firsts to market such as temperature sensors installed in power plugs, credit card payment systems, and the smartJUICE infinitely scalable load management system. Juice Technology AG enjoys worldwide presence with its own locations, subsidiaries and partner companies, and also has a global network of retailers at its disposal. The company's total in-house workforce today numbers 74 employees active in development, production, marketing, sales and logistics. What's more, the company has managed to treble its turnover year on year.

To find out more about the company, its products and solutions, go to Follow us too on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

About Jaguar

For more than eight decades, the Jaguar brand name in the automotive world has stood for elegant design and breathtaking performance. Today's line-up of vehicles bearing the Jaguar logo embodies "The Art of Performance" in outstanding ways, with athletically elegant design and performance. On 1 March 2018, Jaguar's first all-electric performance SUV, the I-PACE*, was added to the Jaguar family of models. Jaguar's portfolio also includes the XE sports saloon, XF luxury business saloon and XJ premium luxury saloon series as well as the racy F-TYPE sports cars, the E-PACE compact SUVs, and the F-PACE performance SUVs which within a short time sold in higher numbers than any other car in Jaguar's history.

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