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Juice Technology integrates juice press into electric car charging stations

Juice Technology integrates juice press into electric car charging stations
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Juice Technology AG, a specialist in e-car charging technology, is today launching an extended version of the wall-mounted Juice Charger 2 with an integrated juicer. For the first time, the Juice Charger 2 not only provides juice for electric cars but also for drivers.

Today, Juice Technology AG unveils its latest development: an EV charging station with integrated orange juice press. Christoph Erni, CEO of Juice, explains: "It was obvious that we wanted to connect our name with juice. Our engineers have been working on it for quite some time now."

This combination of charging station and juicer is a novelty. When asked whether there is a market for it at all, Erni confirms: "Absolutely! Even though the time it takes to charge an electric car is getting shorter and shorter, it is important nowadays to give your body peace and important vitamins. When you arrive at an important business appointment or when you charge your car at home - if you already put juice into your car you can also get your own body balance going as well."

It remains to be seen when the product will really be ready for series production on the market. Currently, discussions are underway with major fruit juice producers. Erni is certain: "Whether with or without fruit juice, the goal of Juice Technology is to offer juice for everyone."

About Juice Technology:

Juice Technology AG, based in Cham (Zug, Switzerland), was founded as a start-up in 2014 by marketing specialist, management consultant and Tesla driver Christoph R. Erni. Unable to find any user-friendly charging options for his first electric car, he gradually started to put together his vision of making charging an e-car as straightforward as plugging in a mobile 'phone. The company shot to prominence as a European market leader in the portable 22 kW charge controller sector in its very first year of trading with the Juice Booster 1 portable charging station.

Since then, Juice has steadily built on its reputation as a major manufacturer of charging infrastructure, introducing world firsts such as temperature sensor technology in the connectors themselves, payment using standard credit cards, or infinitely scalable load management. Juice currently employs 58 people in its development, production, marketing and sales teams across Switzerland, Germany and China. What's more, the company has managed to treble its turnover year on year.

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