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07.01.2021 – 09:39

Hostpoint AG

Hostpoint now offers protection against domain loss

Hostpoint now offers protection against domain loss
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Rapperswil-Jona (ots)

Just in time for the new year, Hostpoint is offering a big improvement to its "Domain Shield" security package in the form of a new loss protection service. This ensures that domains are reserved and renewed for customers even if problems occur with payment of the renewal fee, protecting domain owners from the potentially serious consequences of losing their domains.

For many companies and private individuals, having a unique domain name plays a key role with respect to the value of their own name or brand. Hostpoint has been offering the Domain Shield domain security package since 2018 to provide comprehensive domain ownership protection. This service will now also include an additional component at no extra cost for both new and existing customers.

With the new domain loss protection, customer's domains are protected from accidental loss. If there are any problems processing the annual domain renewal fee, the domain will still be secured and renewed for the customer. Reasons why a domain might not be renewed as usual include an expired credit card, a forgotten or misplaced invoice, or the person responsible being away for an extended period of time. This is where Hostpoint's loss protection service comes in to ensure that domains remain in their owners' possession.

Losing a domain can have serious consequences

Without loss protection, domain owners run the risk of unintentionally losing their domain if the domain renewal fee is not paid on time. The potential impact of this should not be underestimated. If a domain is lost, it is normally released for unrestricted sale again, meaning that third parties are free to register the domain in question. And services tied to this domain, such as a website or e-mail addresses, would no longer be available. For companies and self-employed individuals in particular, this could have a serious impact in terms of lost revenue and damaged reputation.

The domain loss protection service included with Domain Shield ensures that, if a domain owner fails to pay their domain renewal fee, the domain is secured for them. The domain remains in the owner's possession, and all of the associated services continue working normally. To secure the domain for the customer in the longer term, Hostpoint will then attempt to contact the customer in stages through various channels, such as e-mail, text message or by phone.

Triple protection: loss protection, misuse protection and data protection

In addition to domain loss protection, the Domain Shield security package still includes all of the same functions as before. These include the domain misuse protection (Domain Guard), which protects the domain from misuse or accidental changes, and the domain trustee service (Domain Privacy). With the trustee service, the domain owners are represented externally by Swiss Domain Trustee AG, and their personal data is not disclosed to third parties or registries.

As a leading, ICANN-accredited domain registrar, Hostpoint has placed much focus on service quality in the context of domain registration, transfer and administration for many years. For example, all domain customers benefit from free DNS hosting, a DNS zone editor and settings for domain forwarding. In the fall of 2020, Hostpoint began offering digital signing with the DNSSEC security protocol for all domains operating with Hostpoint name servers. Additionally, Hostpoint supports the DANE network protocol, which improves the security of encrypted e-mail communications.

More about Hostpoint's product "Domain Shield":

Hostpoint - the leading Swiss provider

Hostpoint has 19 years of experience, making it Switzerland's leading web hosting provider. Hostpoint offers simple solutions from a single source - for e-mail, websites, web shops and domains. As an ICANN-accredited domain registry, Hostpoint manages over half a million domain names. With its ultra-modern infrastructure and servers located in Switzerland, Hostpoint ensures the stable operation of over a quarter million Swiss websites every day. Offering the best support in the industry, Hostpoint provides direct, professional and efficient customer support in four languages, 365 days a year. The 100% owner-operated company based in Rapperswil-Jona (St. Gallen) has around 70 employees.

For further information, please contact:

Mauro Landolt
Communication manager

Hostpoint AG
Neue Jonastrasse 60
8640 Rapperswil-Jona


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