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29.09.2020 – 10:00

Hostpoint AG

Hostpoint now supports DNSSEC and DANE

Hostpoint now supports DNSSEC and DANE
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Rapperswil-Jona (ots)

Hostpoint, the leading Swiss provider, is now offering the option of signing domains with DNSSEC, enabling the accuracy of DNS information to be verified. It is also supporting the DANE network protocol, which increases security in encrypted data traffic (especially e-mails). By introducing these two security standards, Hostpoint is once again making a key contribution to increasing the security of numerous Swiss customers' domains and websites.

In digital data traffic, the Domain Name System (DNS) performs a key function. Through a hierarchical query process, it is responsible for resolving memorable domain names (e.g. into IP addresses. Providers are increasingly introducing the DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) security standard to prevent DNS queries from being manipulated and abused. Based on cryptographic signatures, DNSSEC enables both the authenticity and the integrity of DNS information to be verified. Hostpoint is now also supporting DNSSEC.

Hostpoint was one of the first Swiss providers to support DNSSEC for external name servers. Now, Hostpoint is also offering customers the option of signing their domains running on its own name servers with DNSSEC. Customers don't need to have in-depth prior technical knowledge or create complex configurations to do so. A domain owner can easily activate DNSSEC with one click in his Hostpoint Control Panel. The entire process runs automatically in the background.

In addition to DNSSEC, Hostpoint customers are also benefiting from the protection provided by the DANE network protocol, which is based on DNSSEC and enables the verification of server certificates used in encrypted data exchange (SSL/TLS). DANE therefore increases the security of e-mail traffic in particular.

Digital security - a matter close to Hostpoint's heart

As Switzerland's largest web hosting provider and leading domain registrar, Hostpoint is committed to digital security in various fields. That's why, for several years now, Hostpoint customers have been able to encrypt their websites and domains free of charge with "FreeSSL", the domain-validated SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. Hostpoint is also a long-standing and leading member of the Swiss Internet Security Alliance (SISA), which regularly launches various cybersecurity awareness campaigns under the "iBarry" brand.

Hostpoint - the leading Swiss provider

With over 19 years of experience in the field, Hostpoint is the leading Swiss web hosting provider. Hostpoint offers simple solutions from a single source - for e-mail, websites, web shops and domains. As an ICANN-accredited domain registry, Hostpoint manages over half a million domain names. With its ultra-modern infrastructure and servers based in Switzerland, Hostpoint ensures the stable operation of over a quarter of a million Swiss websites every day. The best support service in the industry provides individual, professional and efficient customer support in four languages, 365 days a year. The 100% owner-operated company based in Rapperswil-Jona SG employs around 70 people.

For further information, please contact:

Mauro Landolt
Communication manager
Hostpoint AG
Neue Jonastrasse 60
8640 Rapperswil-Jona


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