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Collect accounts receivable with a click of the mouse - Auriga Credit Network introduces a new solution for international debt collection

Pfäffikon, Switzerland (ots) - Every entrepreneur is familiar with the following scenario: the services or goods have been delivered - but the business partner abroad fails to settle the account. Whereas in Germany a suitable reaction would be to send a brief, business-like reminder, in Austria business partners expect a polite and contained response, above all one that displays patience. If the creditor is not familiar with these cultural differences and exhibits inappropriate behaviour towards his business partner, this can lead to enduring payment problems. Added to that are different payment terms, limitation periods and jurisdictions abroad.

For companies with claims from abroad due in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH region), AURIGA DIRECT is now the solution. You can notify your claims on the web portal . AURIGA then intermediates on behalf of the dedicated debt collection partner in the DACH region. The exclusive AURIGA partner in Germany is Greif Inkasso based in Dachau, in Austria it's Universum Inkasso based in Graz, and in Switzerland AURIGA acts as itself. None of them charge any fees during the pre-legal procedure. Only in cases where AURIGA receives payment for debt collection is a small success fee requested.

The Network was founded in Switzerland last year by Luigi di Cerbo and Olaf Pauls. Both are debt collection and IT experts who have more than two decades of experience in debt collection management. Pauls explains: "AURIGA is an interesting solution for creditors who do not have an international network at their disposal. Their customers come from the areas of finance, insurance, e-commerce, logistics and from the export business." The solution can be easily integrated into operational debt collection management systems. No special software installation is required. Debts can be collected using any computer with an Internet browser. Orders can be issued worldwide. More than 500 partners already use the system. All users undertake to observe as a minimum the best practice codes in debt collection management, such as those of the European Debt Collection Association (FENCA). This ensures the reliability of the service.

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