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09.07.2013 – 14:00


WISeKey reinforces its Cyber Security Offering with the deployment of new versions of WISeID and WISePhone

Geneva, New York (ots)

WISeKey reinforces its Cyber Security Offering with the deployment of new versions of WISeID and WISePhone protecting user's personal data and communications while hitting a sales marker of more than 250 000 WISeID downloads.

Since its inception in 1999, WISeKey, an e-security solutions expert is recognized as a role model for innovative cyber security technology and its efforts to protect infrastructures, objects, individuals, enterprises and governments on the Internet. Consumers, enterprises and governments will be able to subscribe for personal identity and date protection for use directly on their mobile devices through new versions of the company's proprietary systems WISeID and WISePhone.

Digital connectivity is transforming industries towards tremendous social gain and economic growth, creating greater efficiency as well as completely new business and social engagement models. These gains are being driven not only through greater efficiencies, but through completely new business and social engagement models. From the connected car to smart cities, from energy infrastructure to air travel, from cashless banking, we are witnessing an explosion of innovation and excitement around the potential of technology. Recent cyber-attacks need attention on the lack of appropriate safety measures and poor Cyber Resilience infrastructures.

Additionally, the growth of cloud computing highlights the complexity of data sovereignty: data can be stored virtually anywhere but ultimately has a physical presence somewhere in the world. The ultimate location of this storage operates under a jurisdiction whose laws could have unexpected impact on the availability or ownership of data.

This connectivity boom and the ensuing de-localisation of data also see the entire cyber security industry is on the brink of a major transformation as a more mature, balanced international agenda emerges. It is within this context that during 2013 WISeKey has made its digital identification and encryption technology more easily accessible by bringing the entire technology suite to mobile with new versions of WISeID and WISePhone. This allows organizations, both in the public and private sector, across all sectors to improve their global resilience against cyber-attacks, digital identification theft and interception of their mobile communications.

"There isn't anything built into the Web that can verify who you are. On the global scale, cyber-terrorism and infiltration of sensitive information is a constant threat to our vital data systems. Software engineers have become the most valuable weapons in today's military arsenal. Social networks constantly compile data with no international regulation on personal privacy. The gap between a person and his or her digital identity leaves millions vulnerable to dangers well beyond identity theft., WISeID is the first global answer to personal data and identification management in the digital world"- Carlos Moreira, WISeKey CEO.


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