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Management Thinking Mistakes App helps avoid thinking mistakes before they occur

Olten (ots) - Thinking mistakes are defects in our thinking process that weaken our aim to find the best solutions. By learning to recognize common fallacies, biases and effects, we can avoid these mistakes in the context of meetings or decision making. At the same time we can also learn to recognize the thinking mistakes when used by others. The goal of this app is to provide you with a reliable tool, always on hand whenever and wherever needed, to avoid all those thinking traps and make you stronger in your decisions and prepared for your next meetings.

The App is of Swiss origin but will be used by Harvard University in one of its new courses - read more about this further below in this text.

What to expect from this app?

This App helps to avoid thinking mistakes before they occur WiB Solutions believe this App helps every decision maker do just that - avoid making mistakes in the first place. It provides you with a mobile collection of commonly known and more recently identified fallacies, biases, and effects and explains them with examples, catchy visuals, and references allowing for deeper research. You can filter results by searching for thinking errors by situation and objective, and can build your own shortlist with your "favorites." And for each of these thinking mistakes, the Apps will suggest management tools which will support you in avoiding those thinking errors.

Crowdsourced and growing list of most common thinking mistakes

A steadily growing list with visuals of the most common thinking mistakes, fallacies, biases and effects, combined with definitions, origin, links, samples and special tips. Users can become part of the app themselves by submitting their own "favorite" mistakes within the app. Once added those users will be credited within the app for their contribution.

Innovative search tool provides timely, context-specific support

An innovative search tool can be applied right before your next meeting. Just turn the wheel and select the kind of meeting you will join (open up, new ideas, criticize, finalize a project) and the app will list the most common thinking mistakes you may be facing.

The fact and story behind development of the management thinking mistakes app

Computer power, when combined with huge amounts of data, transformed the "Art of Management," to that of a "Science of Management."

To make the right decision is more difficult than ever

As we have all painfully experienced in the last few years, models thought to ensure stability in various business sectors did not completely work. Finance, insurance, and economic endeavors failed in spite of sophisticated decision-making models and huge quantities of calculated data. As the recession and failures spread, this experience may have given an impression that all those highly sophisticated models failed. But as always with extremes, it would similarly be wrong to advise all managers to do a 180 degree turn around and make decisions only on the basis of gut instinct.

Sometimes we are all trapped by thinking mistakes

What WiB Solutions believe is that most of those tools have their place and are useful, but they must be embedded in more realistic modes of human behavior. We are all humans after all, and we sometimes fall into logical fallacies - but to avoid them in our own arguments, and defend ourselves from such fallacies when they are used against us, it is first necessary to recognize them. Companies will continue to seek ways to exploit the increasing amounts of data and computing power available, but managers in every industry must take responsibility for looking inside the black boxes that advanced quantitative tools often represent and understanding their functioning, assumptions, and limitations.

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Or search for: "Management Thinking Mistakes" from within the iPhone App Store

Complete press release in PDF format with much more background information and links:


Feature Story: This app will be used at Harvard University

"As part of its first phase of experimentation, use and feedback, "The Management Thinking Mistakes App" will be used as pedagogical tool at Harvard University, in a course taught by Professor Mark Esposito on "Modern Dilemmas in the Corporation of the 21st century" This course, which is open for enrollment now with limited capacity, is open to Harvard students and anyone who may wish to study a Harvard course through the web-conference technology, attending classes, remotely, once per week during the Fall semester. The course will delve into the power of dilemmas as an effective tool to practically approach bias and fallacy of thought processes and reasoning constraints. A perfect blend between the theoretical construction and the use of smart technology like the app will generate opportunity for a next generation of thinkers, much more reflective in their own ability to create value".

Mark Esposito, Professor of Economics and Management, University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, Harvard University Extension School, Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Further supporters of this App are: Professor Michael Hitchcock (Macau University of Science & Technology), Professor Noel Jones (Stamford International University, World Bank), Professor Denis Kobzev (Leeds Trinity University), Mark Mitchell (Reporter at Deep Capture, Wall Street Journal Europe, Time Magazine Asia), Fulbright Professor BK Passi (UNESCO, UNDP)

.. read what they have to say from here.



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