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EANS-News: Fashion TV is the leader in convergence of TV, Smartphones, PCs, and SmartTVs among Fashion Media Groups

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Paris (euro adhoc) - Fashion TV is the leader in convergence of TV, Smartphones,
PCs, and SmartTVs
among Fashion Media Groups
Victoria Kolossov, Investor Relations
Paris, 25.02.2013 Fashion TV accelerates its dominance and position in TV and
New Media by strategically increasing convergence for users and introducing QR

Fashion TV reaches more than 400 million homes via TV, is number one leader in
New Media YouTube with over 611 million views, keeps accelerating its strength
on Facebook with more than 2 million likes and has added the possibility of
connecting with Fashion TV via QR codes.

|    Media     | YouTube_Views | Growth_from |Subscribers_2013|Growth_from_2012|

|Total Fashion |  611.215.295  |     41%     |    447.757     |      31 %      |

On YouTube Fashion TV accelerates its position as a strong leader in both
viewing numbers and subscribers, owning 62% of the views on YouTube among the
top fashion Magazines. Unrivaled lifetime views for Fashion TV's YouTube channel
have reached 611+ million, nearly double of all other top fashion magazines on
YouTube added together, which only add up to 372 million. Subscriber numbers
additionally grew beyond competition as with 447K subscribers Fashion TV towers
over the 379K that the magazines have collectively.
Fashion TV likewise accelerates its growth on Facebook. Fashion TV is second
most talked about Fashion Company with 36K following Vogue. It has grown to
become one of the Top 3 leaders in terms of likes, and soon to surpass the
second placed Cosmopolitan in the next few months due to the development of new


Fashion TV has also become active in QR codes. Fashion TV will incorporate QR
codes and other strategic initiatives to its broadcasts on TV and New Media
which will invite viewers to connect via one click to all Fashion TV social
sites. QR codes allow the user to access all Fashion TV websites with one click
whether the YouTube channel, Facebook, Fashion TV website etc., they will allow
consumers to purchase the desired product shown via one click 'scan-2-buy', will
give access to Fashion TV's entertainment program and increase product loyalty
marketing. Also you can scan-4-info, scan-2-shop, scan-4-date, scan-2-win, scan-
4-meet, and scan-2-visit, all via one click to motivate viewers to scan. Due to
this Fashion TV New Media numbers are expected to double in the next few months.
It will enable consumers to connect to Fashion TV via an app that scans the QR
code and directs the user to Fashion TVs website, Facebook page, YouTube site
and many more opportunities. Fashion TV will be able to communicate to the
fashion community by allowing one click access to shopping, information
downloads and other fashion related things.

Fashion TV will continue to surpass expectations on YouTube, as it gains 27+
million new views a month and has grown 41% since 2012 in views and 31% in
subscribers, with followers eagerly awaiting new content. On Facebook, fans will
continue to see steady growth and innovative approaches as the company reaches
out to its fans and addresses their every requirement through new convergence.
For more information please contact:
And visit
Founded by its president, Mr. Michel Adam, Fashion TV is the biggest fashion
medium in the world. As the only global 24/7 TV station focused exclusively on
fashion, beauty, trends and style, FTV broadcasts the latest news & information
to over 400 million households and 7 million public places worldwide. Fashion TV
is more than a channel, it is a lifestyle. The community of FTV viewers is
considered the most luxurious, glamorous and fashion-oriented target group among
all media consumers, who not only love to watch the fashionable lifestyle on TV,
but they also enjoy LIVING IT. As a result, Fashion TV branded products,
locations (F Clubs, F Bars, F Hotels etc..) and high-profile events are
increasingly popular and sought-after by millions of fans around the world.
Fashion TV is the global multimedia network leader in fashion and lifestyle
content, broadcasting to over 60 satellites in SD, HD and 3D, 530 TV platforms,
mobile, IPTV, SmartTV, Smart Phones and Androids.
Fashion TV broadcasts in 193 countries to over 400 million households and 7
million public locations across the 5 continents. Fashion TV is the only 24-hour
fashion, beauty & lifestyle television station worldwide.
New Media
Fashion TV has expanded its social media presence with millions of followers on
YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youku, Tudou, Daily Motion, MetaCafe,
vKontakti etc..
On Youtube Fashion TV is the leading Fashion Company with more than 611 million
views and 447,000 subscribers. These numbers are bigger than all Top 14 Fashion
magazines YouTube numbers put together. Please visit Fashion TV on Youtube
On Facebook, Fashion TV has a total fan base of over 2M users. Please visit
FashionTV on Faceboook under:
On Google+ Fashion TV has more than 1.9 million users with a growth of 100,000
new users each month. Please visit Fashion TV on Google+ under: https://
Fashion TV has expanded its licensing business to include F merchandise, F Bars,
F Clubs, F Hotels, F Cafes, F Stores, F Beverages (including f18 and f88), F
Vodka, F Voda, F Mobile Phones, F Perfume and F Couture in over 193 countries.
Fashion TV's variety of products and hospitality is experiencing high growth as
F Bars, F Cafes, F Stores and F Hotels have opened in over 200 locations, with
new ones opening weekly across the world. Please find all current presentations
on Fashion TV's newest licensing activities under:
Please find the active links for Fashion TV below:

Fashion TV:
QR Codes:

Further inquiry note:
Victoria Kolossov
Investor Relations
+43 151 31 267

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