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EANS-News: Fashion TV Announces a new Distributor for Russia and the CIS Regions

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Vienna, Austria (euro adhoc) - Fashion TV Announces a new Distributor for Russia
and the CIS Regions
Yuriy Nikopolidis, Vienna Austria

Fashion TV has announced a new Distributor for the Russian Federation and
surrounding CIS countries. 170 Operators that cover 80% of Russian and CIS
Regions Cable, IPTV and DTH TV, and their 90 million viewers will now receive
the new FashionTV HD programme in SD and HD via the satellite Eurobird 9.

Paris, France, January 21, 2013, FashionTV has announced that after an audit
conducted in December 2012 by the consulting firm 'Deloitte and Touche' in their
Moscow offices, the agreement between FTV Ltd. BVI and Alex Shustorovich and his
group of companies such as FashionTV Russia Ltd., FashionTV Russia LLC,
FashionProduction and Pleades TV has expired in 2012.

A new Distributor, 'FashionTV GmbH' located in Vienna, Austria, with knowledge
of the Eastern European market has been appointed to the territory. A long-term
Distribution Agreement has been signed.

'FashionTV GmbH' and its Russian partners will focus on providing the crystal
clear quality of FashionTV in SD and HD to the already existing 170 Russian and
CIS Cable, DTH, IPTV and Mobile operators. After operating in Russia for 15
years, FashionTV has become one of the legendary TV channels with whom the
modern Russian generation has grown and flourished. Now reaching approximately
90 million viewers, FashionTV is taking a dramatic step forward by bringing the
world of international fashion and the experiences of the Russian Jetset to the
your living rooms, Tablets, Mobile phones, and public places across Russia and
the CIS countries. FashionTV will provide more focus on luxury and fashion,
showing the lifestyle of Billionaires who enjoy the world…
FashionTV will air recent fashion events from all over the world, bringing
luxury, global red carpets, beauty awards, Russian celebrities and the lifestyle
of the Russian Jetset to each living room. Direct reports from Courchavelle,
Genève , St. Moritz, St. Tropez, Sardinia, Monte-Carlo, St. Barths, Dubai, Bali,
Goa,Paris, London, New York…the most beloved places by the Russian Jetset will
be covered. The consumption dreams of post-communism will be shown, focusing on
the international high society and how Russian and CIS tycoons and beauties live
life and enjoy it. The biggest yachts, the fanciest mansions, the most
extravagant parties… financed, ruled and consumed by the new Russian Fashion
elite, all in FashionHD.
Fashiontv GmbH in Russia and surrounding CIS countries will further develop the
successful international merchandising line of FTV, which includes f.Vodka,
f.Champagne, f.Cognac, f. Energy drinks, F. Spring Water, f.Cosmetics,
f.Footwear, and the chain of successful I love fashion stores, Love F Cafes,
F.Cafes, f.Hotels, f.Residences, and f.Resorts… please visit 

FashionTV is extremely popular in New Media Websites such as Facebook, Twitter,
Google+, and is the leader among fashion magazines on YouTube. FashionTV
will develop the successful New Media sites for the Russian consumers in the
Russian Language.

Fashion TV is available for Russia and the CIS countries with the following
1. FTV SD for Eastern Russia and CIS Countries

-       Satellite: AsiaSat 3
-       Localization: 105.5° East
-       Frequency: 3745 Mhz
-       Polarity: Vertical
-       Symbol Rate: 2626 Msyb
-       FEC: 3/4
-       Transmission: DVB
-       Uplink Station: RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd 

2.  FTV SD for Western and Central, CIS Countries 
-       Satellite: HotBird-6
-       Transponder: 115
-       Frequency: 10.815MHz
-       Polarization: Horizontal
-       Symbol Rate: 27500 Msyb
-       FEC: 5/6
-       Uplink Station: RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd

3. FTV HD for Eastern Russia and CIS Countries (Full HD 1080i@50, 24/7, all

-       Satellite: AsiaSat-5
-       Localization: 100.5° East
-       Frequency: 3.794 GHz
-       Polarity: Horizontal
-       Symbol Rate: 4.640 Msyb/s
-       FEC: 3/5
-       Transmission: DVB S2 8PSK
-       Uplink Station: RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd
4. FTV HD for Western and Central Russia, CIS Countries (Full HD 1080i@50, 24/7,
all programs)-Encrypted

-       Satellite: Eurobird 9
-       Localization: 9° East
-       Frequency: 11881 MHz
-       Polarity: Vertical
-       Symbol Rate: 27.500 Msyb
-       FEC: 2/3
-       Transmission: MPEG-4
-       Uplink Station: RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd

For further inquires please contact

Further inquiry note:
Victoria Kolossov
Investor Relations
+43 151 31 267

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