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SAT's newly-converted Airbus A320 simulator receives FOCA certification

Zurich (ots) - Swiss AviationTraining (SAT) formally received the certification for its new Airbus A320 simulator from the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). The new simulator, which has been created by converting one of SAT's two A321 simulators, is not only equipped to Airbus's latest Standard 1.8 for the A320; it also features the innovative new Electric Motion technology which is already in use on SAT's E-Jet simulators in Frankfurt and Munich, together with a new-generation visual system.

SAT is blazing new trails with its A321 simulator conversion. Instead of procuring a new device for its A320 flight training needs, the company elected to take one of its existing A321 simulators and radically modify and upgrade it to incorporate the latest technology and replicate the standards of the newest A320 aircraft in the SWISS fleet. "Our new A320 simulator gives us a more responsive system, along with electricity savings of 70%, lower oil consumption and less maintenance work," says Marcel Witzig, SAT's CEO.

The three-month conversion involved the delivery and incorporation of some 62 crates of parts and equipment weighing 20 tonnes. The new simulator can be set to replicate either of two A320 engine types - the CFM56-5B4 or the IAE V2527-A5 - depending on which is fitted to the training customer's fleet. The new device also offers further added value through extra features such as its Integrated Standby Instrument System, its Runway Awareness and Advisory System and its state-of-the-art Flight Management System. The pilots using it are sure to appreciate the enhanced visual system, which extends to some 300 airports (to cover customers' specific network needs), a new generic airport system and improved cloud simulations. And the new device even permits Upset Recovery, BUSS and Predictive Windshear to be included in its training sessions, too.

SAT operates a total of eight of its own full-flight simulators. Its two E-Jet simulators are located in Frankfurt and Munich, while its Zurich training centre is home to simulators for the Avro RJ, the Embraer 145, the Airbus A330/340 (two), the Airbus A321 and (now) the Airbus A320.

Swiss AviationTraining (SAT) is a fully-owned subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. The company has operations in Zurich, Grenchen, Munich and Frankfurt focuses on providing initial and further training for commercial pilots, cabin personnel, aircraft mechanics and corporations.

SAT is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and EASA Part 147 organisation whose courses are approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) in accordance with the rules and regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


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