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SAT makes world-first use of CEFAsim in an Airbus A320 simulator

Zurich Airport (ots) - Swiss AviationTraining (SAT) has become the world's first flight training organization to offer the CEFAsim simulator flight evaluation facility on an Airbus A320 simulator. The new CEFAsim technology makes flight training debriefings more efficient, more effective and more successful; and by adopting it in its A320 simulator SAT is further cementing its leading position as a top address for quality, innovative and professional pilot training.

The combination of flight training and debriefing is the cornerstone of any thorough and effective initial or further pilot training. CEFAsim offers a time- and cost-efficient solution here, and one that meets customers' highest quality standards. The facility enables all the key points in a simulator training flight to be revisited and analyzed by the trainee and their instructor to ensure maximum training success.

"The two aims of raising economic efficiency and continuously enhancing flight safety are by no means incompatible," says Roland Waser, Head of Pilot Training at SAT. "In fact, they can go hand in hand. And our CEFAsim flight data visualization tool is an excellent example of this, helping substantially improve learning success and, at the same time, raising the efficiency of the training provided."

SAT has now become the first flight training provider in the world to use CEFAsim software, a product of CEFA Aviation, in an Airbus A320 simulator. As the simulator session progresses, the software records all the flight parameters and all the actions taken on the flight deck. It also gives the instructor the option of 'bookmarking' key moments or situations to return to them more quickly and easily during the subsequent debriefing. And by presenting visual, chart and audio sources together on the same user interface, the technology further allows any step in the session to be specifically analyzed to enhance learning success.

"For our customers our use of this CEFAsim technology really raises training efficiency, because all the data required are available as soon as the simulator session is finished," explains Roland Waser. "CEFAsim also enhances the effectiveness of our simulator training, because it allows any relevant event or situation to be analyzed together with the instructor to ensure maximum learning benefit."

The use of CEFAsim has no impact on the simulator flight itself. In addition, the new technology is only used with the express approval of the trainee, and such use is carefully aligned to the customer's specific training needs. And, once the corresponding debriefing has been concluded, all the data collected (especially the video sequences) are deleted immediately, to ensure that due and full regard is paid to all data protection provisions.

SWISS AviationTraining is a fully-owned subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. The company, which is headed by CEO Manfred Brennwald, has operations in Zurich and Munich and focuses on providing initial and further training for commercial pilots, cabin staff, aircraft mechanics and companies' management and personnel. An approved flying training organization and type rating training organization (FTO/TRTO), Swiss AviationTraining has extensive experience in its various training fields, and numbers several Swiss and international airlines among its customers together with further companies from other business sectors.


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