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A new web solution allowing bar operators and event organisers the chance to influence the mix of guests with mobile coupons (PICTURES)

A new web solution allowing bar operators and event organisers the chance to influence the mix of guests with mobile coupons (PICTURES)
Offer a mobile Couponingtool for bar operators and event organisers: Christoph Müller und Oliver Stäcker. Further text by ots and under www.presseportal.ch. The use of this picture is for editorial purposes free of charge. Publishment under source: "ots.photo/Xeebel AG".

Zurich (ots) - Bar operators, events managers and promoters mainly use Facebook wallpost spam as a means of promoting their events. Now a new startup is offering a web solution allowing small businesses the chance to influence the mix of guests visiting their establishments, both at reasonable prices and in real time.

The most important ingredient for a successful event is, and remains, the right 'guest mix'. Yet neither conventional promotion with flyers nor wall post spamming via social media channels makes it easy to target exactly the right group. With the solution provided by Xeebel, a new startup company, events organisers will now be able, with the help of a simple web interface, to generate their own coupons and send them as teasers directly to mobile phones in their target group, e.g. a certain recipient group from one's own Facebook community.

The organisers will be able to select their audience by means of conventional criteria such as age and gender, but also things like place of residence or even current location. Thanks to the system's 'live' feel, a promoter may send targeted coupons to specific people during the event itself, even though these individuals may be located in a competitor's club some 2 kilometres away.

Guests and night owls, for their part, can manage their offers with their phone receiver, redeem their coupons or even request active ones from their friends in the overview list.

This type of mobile interaction with vouchers has thus far remained unique. This is why Xeebel AG calls its mobile couponing system 'social couponing'.

The www.heatmapz.com promotion tool is named after its eponymous nightlife app, which was also developed by Xeebel. The party app, which up until now has been used as a mood barometer for ongoing events, is now a means of receiving nightlife-related offers. As such, HeatMapz is the first local platform to introduce the notion of bargain buys in the special interest market, allowing it to set itself apart from other renowned bargain portals. The magic word is 'real time marketing' with mobile couponing. Not spamming.

About Xeebel AG

Xeebel AG is a startup company based in Zurich and deals in real time marketing via mobile couponing. Its core function may be used on any app with relatively little intervention on the part of the user. Marketing directors from all sectors may thus reach their customer base directly by means of mobile coupons.

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