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HeatMapz - Nightlife's biggest problem - solved

HeatMapz - Nightlife's biggest problem - solved
HeatMapz allows users to upload live impressions directly to the clubpage. / Further text by ots and under www.presseportal.ch. The use of this picture is for editorial purposes free of charge. Publishment under source: "obs/Xeebel AG".

Zurich, Switzerland (ots) - HeatMapz is a new smartphone app for clubbers, party animals and concert-goers. The app shows, in real time, what the current atmosphere, music and queues at the clubs near you are like. The live data is generated by the nightlife community itself and is clearly displayed on a map. HeatMapz also shows which of your Facebook friends are currently in which club or concert. HeatMapz offers club-goers a useful decision-making tool when out and about and bridges the gap between the prior event listing and ongoing event. HeatMapz is an innovation. All the current websites or iPhone apps to do with events or event calendars only cover the announcement of the event but not the atmosphere during the event. HeatMapz is currently available for over 20,000 clubs and bars worldwide.

Teaser Clip on Youtube: http://bit.ly/wxVMzX  
Download iPhone: http://bit.ly/heatmapz 
Download Android: http://bit.ly/heatmapz2 

Why do you need HeatMapz?

Event calendars are, of course, great. Unfortunately, you cannot tell your guests in advance what the atmosphere at the event will be like. With the HeatMapz map display, it is immediately clear on the relevant evening which locations are hot and which are not, and you can also always check whether it's worth heading to another club. With just one click. For free. As HeatMapz depends on events as they happen, all data is deleted every day at midday and the overall atmosphere rating is reset to 'Zero'.

Also good for DJs

DJs use Facebook as the number one communication method to promote their next DJ set. With HeatMapz, DJs can now also let their fans know, in real time, the atmosphere of the current event as all app information is shown directly on their own Facebook wall. This creates a veritable word-of-mouth effect amongst their own fans. As proof, the DJ can take photos via the app and attach them to the event. Armin van Buuren would be delighted.

DJ Promo Clip on YouTube: http://youtu.be/AQ931xmp5_o 
Download footage (zip file):

About Xeebel AG

Xeebel AG is an established start-up company based in Zurich and deals with Web2.0 software solutions in connection with couponing. The vision of the young company is to introduce the only social couponing solution which is tailored to the needs of different market segments and thus offering a 'SME-friendly' coupon solution.


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