Monext's Entire Line of Merchant Services PCI DSS Certified

AIX- EN-PROVENCE, France, January 31, 2012 (ots/PRNewswire) - Following the certification of its call centre and international acquiring platform, Monext's Payline and Pavavenue services, which are targeted to merchants, have renewed their PCI DSS certification. Monext's tokenisation service (card identification encryption) has also been certified for the first time. This certification guarantees Monext's clients that their data will be processed in a highly secure manner during electronic transactions. Monext is one of the first payment service operators in Europe to have their entire line of services PCI DSS-certified and renewed.

PCI DSS certification: The highest security standard for handling and storing sensitive data

As a payment solution processor, Monext believes it is a strategic matter to ensure high security standards for its clients' transactions. Obtaining PCI DSS certification for its entire line of merchant services is a major accomplishment for the company and is a clear indicator of reliability that demonstrates its commitment to actively participating in the fight against fraud and criminal activity.

The Payment Card IndustryData Security Standard is a security standard that provides the best practices for managing sensitive data. It was established by the Card Scheme consortium, whose members include MasterCard, VISA, American Express and others.

Payline and Payavenue: Two tools allowing merchants to accept payments

Payline is a secure online payment platform offered by Monext to e-merchants. The service includes more than 30 different means of payment and is available for all remote sales channels. Payline is used by more than 3,000 French and European e-merchants and processes nearly 160 million payment transactions each year.

Payavenue allows merchants to view and manage all of their payment transactions (payment cards or cheques) regardless of terminal type, geographical location (France and Europe) and number of points of sale. Over 20,000 payment terminals are now connected to this service.

Monext also offers a tokenisation service to all clients who handle card payments. This service automatically encrypts sensitive and confidential data (such as bank card numbers) during payment transactions. The card's actual numbers are replaced by a sequence of numbers, called a token, rendering useless any banking information that might be stolen. This is service is being PCI DSS-certified for the first time.

What's next

Monext has been using a PCI DSS certification process since 2007 for all its merchant services, card issuing services (such as 3D Secure, international issuing, authorisations, etc.), its international acquiring service, tokenisation service and call centre. Certification audits are carried out every year by XMCO, a consulting firm specializing in information systems security.

Following each of these audits, Monext receives a Certificate of Compliance to certify that the service complies with PCI DSS standards.

About Monext

Monext is a key player in electronic payments in France. It is a payment services processor covering the entire the value chain. The business generates an annual turnover of more than EUR60 million. Its 480 employees manage more than:

- 6.5 million credit card payments - 900 million transactions in 2011 - 320 million merchants transactions - 5 million calls per year

Monext provides innovative solutions for transactions made with or without cards, including electronic payments made at a point of sale, online, or via mobile device, in a manner that is secure, reliable and immediate. With customers in the banking, distribution, trade and commerce industries, Monext aims to become a European leader in a sector that is experiencing strong growth.

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