IFBC Study: Only few banks create value in a sustainable way

The IFBC study on value creation in the Swiss banking industry highlights the importance of keeping shareholders well informed

    Zurich (ots) - Good corporate governance and a high level of transparency are conducive to the sustainable increase of a company's value. This also applies in the case of Swiss banks, as demonstrated in "Wertschaffung in der Schweizer Bankenbranche" (Value Creation in Swiss Banking Industry), a study conducted by the Zurich-based corporate consultants IFBC. Over 40 Swiss financial institutions belonging to the four categories of major banks, cantonal banks, regional banks and private banks were analyzed in this study. The findings show that only few banks actually created added value for their owners in the period under review. The study also revealed clear differences between listed and non-listed cantonal banks with regard to value creation.

    It was the major banks who added the most value, above all UBS. Compared with the other banking categories, the private banks evidenced a high performance level, but have not returned to the level achieved in 1999. At the bottom end are the cantonal and regional banks, which display a modest performance development overall despite some record results posted in the recent past. The positive exceptions in this category are Raiffeisen Group and the cantonal banks of Basel and St. Gallen. Differences in the structural framework of these institutions and thus in the management and communication policies and the corporate governance are assumed to be among the prime reasons for this divergence. The study shows that companies with high levels of transparency, which kept shareholders well informed during the period under review, produced a distinctly higher amount of value added.

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