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Financial Figures/Balance Sheet/quarterly report/Stock Activity/6-month report

Berlin (euro adhoc) - 14 August 2009: Hypoport AG was again able to increase revenues  in  the first six months of 2009. As has also been the case in the past,  the  Group  is using most of the  gains  to   actively  drive  its  future  positioning  in  the marketplace. This burdens our current results. But  former  investments  in  the future are now proving to be the driving force behind the company's success. On this basis, the earnings generated by three of the four business units  grew  by between 18 and 64 percent.

Hypoport AG was again able to marginally increase its revenues in the first  six months of 2009. Compared with the first half 2008, Group revenues  increased  by 2 percent to EUR 25.1 million (previous year: EUR 24.6  million).  Gross  profit increased in line by 2 percent to EUR 16.5  million  (previous  year:  EUR  16.2 million).  Earnings   before  interest,  taxes,  depreciation  and    amortisation (EBITDA) declined from EUR 4.1 million to currently EUR 3 million,  besides   the general economic situation  primarily  as  a  result  of   investments  aimed  at establishing the new B2B transaction platform. Further funds  were  invested  in developing new sectors within the market  for  financial  services  and  in  the ongoing expansion of the company's sales capacities in existing markets.  Ronald Slabke, Co-CEO of Hypoport AG, comments on the results: "The decrease in   EBITDA is clearly not satisfying. However, compared with the results of the peer  group our position is still excellent.  We  believe   that  actively  shaping  our  own market positioning is crucially important at this particular moment in time.  We are not looking to reap the short term success at the tip of  the  iceberg.  Our strategy is tailored more to the long term profits on the fertile mainland."

The Private Clients business unit once again increased  its  revenues generated from "other financial service products". The - at  times  - aggressive  pricing strategy adopted by various regional banks caused revenues from  mortgage  loans to decline slightly, resulting in a 5 percent  decrease  in  revenues  overall. Earnings (EBIT) for the   business  unit  as  a  whole  were  not  affected,  and increased by 45 percent to the current level of EUR 1.6  million.  In  addition, the company was able to considerably strengthen  its  sales   capacities  at  all levels and particularly with regard to the branch office consultants.

In the current environment, the Corporate Real Estate Clients business  unit  is benefiting from the long standing relationships of trust it has  built  up  with its clients and from  the  ensuing   good  reputation  it  has  meanwhile  earned throughout the sector. Compared with the first six months of 2008, new  business increased by 32 percent to EUR 661 million  in  the  first  half  2009,   pushing revenues up to EUR 3.4 million.  This  equates  to  an   increase  of  nearly  10 percent compared with the same period  last year  (H12008:  EUR  3.1  million). Earnings actually increased even further - by 64 percent to EUR 1.8 million.

The Institutional Clients business unit, which  is  based  in  the   Netherlands, also reported very satisfactory revenue and  earnings   performance.  The  marked increase in the demand for issuers' consulting services pushed  revenues  up  to EUR 1.6 million (H12008: EUR 1.2 million). Earnings increased by 18  percent  to EUR 0.4 million.

Revenues generated by the Financial Service Providers  business  unit increased to EUR 4.9 million (H12008: EUR 4.2  million).  Large   investments  in  the  new platform technology and the aggressive conditions  briefly  offered  by  product providers operating   outside  the  Europace  marketplace  did,  however,  burden earnings by EUR 1.3  million.  Hypoport  aims  to  prevent  the  same   situation happening again in future and has successfully acquired further players  in  the banking environment for Europace. Close cooperation has  been  agreed  with  the PSD banks and preparations for collaboration  with  an  association  of  savings banks are underway. In addition, a joint venture with On-geo,  the  provider   of specialist geo data, has enhanced the value of the  platform  for all  Europace partners.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the  Europace  platform, Prof.  Dr. Thomas Kretschmar, Co-CEO and member of Hypoport's management board, looks  back over past developments: "We started with just a handful of staff  and  the  idea of integrating all financing processes across the entire value  chain  into  one platform. Nowadays, several hundred members of staff are constantly   working  on improving the marketplace, which has  meanwhile  become   the  standard."    As  a result of the recent cooperation agreements, Hypoport will shortly  be  actively collaborating with all major players in the  sector.  According  to  Kretschmar: "This will make us virtually immune to future  distortions  in  the  marketplace and will allow us to  significantly  increase  the  earnings  generated   by  our platform again, once the crisis has passed."  the earnings generated by  out  nd will allow us to signfisector.creation chain   reported  a  llion  in  the  first half 2009.rea not Kretschmar expects revenues and gross profit to record  slight growth, maybe into the double digits, over  the  coming  six  months  and  total earnings to match the level witnessed in the first half of the year.

About Hypoport AG Hypoport Group is an internet-based all-round financial services provider  based in Berlin. The Group employs some 450 people. The company  has  been  listed  in the Prime Standard on Deutsche Börse since the end of 2007. Its  business  model consists of  two  reciprocally  beneficial  pillars  -  the  sale  of   financial products (Dr. Klein & Co. AG) and the provision of a   platform  for  transacting financial products via the internet.

Hypoport operates the EUROPACE B2B financial marketplace, which is   the  largest German online platform for transacting financing products.  A  fully  integrated system links more than 30 banks with several thousand financial  advisors,  thus enabling the quick and direct agreement  of  contracts.  The  platform's  highly automated processes generate  considerable  cost  benefits.  Nowadays,   EUROPACE processes some 400 financing transactions every day. Hypoport AG  publishes  the monthly house price index (HPX) based on real transaction data.

A list of the banks and service providers that use the platform can be found  at http://www.hypoport.de/partner.html. The Annual Report   2008  is  available  for download at http://www.hypoport.de/publikationen.html.

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