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EANS-News: Hypoport AG reports a slight increase in transaction volumes

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Hypoport AG reports a slight increase in transaction volumes

Berlin, 16 July 2009: The volume  of  transactions  processed  on   the  Europace platform  increased  slightly  in  the  second  quarter 2009.  Shifts  in    the activities of individual product providers were one  of  the  main  reasons  for curbed growth.

The volume of financing transactions processed on Europace  increased again  in the second quarter 2009, albeit by only  a  slight  margin. Compared  with  the previous quarter, the total volume increased by 1 percent to Euro 3.12  billion. Some of the providers  offering  their products  on  Europace  were  no  longer quoting competitive terms in the first quarter. At the same time,  Hypoport  was able to acquire new  product  providers  for  the  platform.  Whilst  these  new product providers were establishing  themselves  at  the  start  of   the  summer season, a previous supplier ceased its financing activities. According to  Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar, co-CEO of Hypoport: "In  light  of  these  market-related changes in the structure of our product providers, we are  very  satisfied  with the result".

Both mortgage and personal loans witnessed slight increases  compared with  the previous quarter's result. Mortgage loans with a  total   volume  of  Euro  2.814 billion were processed on the platform in the quarter just  ended.  This  volume equates, again, to an increase of one percent. Personal  loans  increased  to  a similar extent and reached a new record level of  Euro  306  million.  Added  to which, the (cumulative)  volume  of  transactions  processed  on  Genopace, the platform operated jointly with the cooperative banking sector, topped  the  Euro 300 million mark - just one year after being launched in April 2008.

Please find below our Interview with Prof. Dr. Kretschmar.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Thomas Kretschmar, Co-CEO and Spokesman for the Management Board of Hypoport AG

@@start.t2@@1. Dr. Kretschmar, some ten percent of all mortgage loans and a growing share
         of the personal loans transacted in the German marketplace are  now  being
         channelled through Europace. Europace is growing,  albeit  fairly  slowly.
         What are the reasons, especially over the past six months? What particular
         challenges did you have to face?

         Kretschmar: As already mentioned in our  first  quarter  report,  we  have
         acquired new product providers for Europace whereas some of  the  previous
         lenders were no longer able to quote competitive terms.  From  the  second
         quarter onwards, a federal state bank  subsidiary  tightened  its  lending
         terms considerably. As a result,  transactions  with  this  formerly  very
         active company ceased virtually entirely. Back in the first quarter  2009,
         this institute had still been our  second  largest  product  provider.  In
         light of these developments, we are very satisfied that we  have  actually
         been able  to  increase  transaction  volumes  slightly.  Our  ability  to
         compensate such an important product provider with other partners in  such
         a short space of time is further proof of how strong  our  business  model

    2. The long term trend towards a platform solution for product providers  and
         brokers is undisputed.  But  the  differences  are  enormous.  Where  does
         Europace stand in this market?

         Kretschmar: At present we are not aware of any competitors who are able to
         offer such a B2B financial marketplace as Europace. Europace processes  by
         far the largest transaction volume and is the only internet-based solution
         that is integrated so thoroughly  into  banking  processes.  Europace  has
         practically become the market standard. Some banks  are  only  willing  to
         work with financial service vendors on the basis of Europace.@@end@@

3. Can you offer any insight into the future of Europace?

@@start.t3@@Kretschmar: There is  a  huge  trend  towards  branch  banks  increasingly
         mediating financial services to other institutes.  Europace is  ideal  for
         integrating these transactions. At the  same  time,  Europace  is  equally
         ideal for linking the branches to the lending department  within  a  bank.
         Our sales efforts are going to focus primarily on acquiring branch banks -
         and especially Volksbanks and savings banks (Sparkassen) - over the coming
         years. In addition, we are working on Europace 2 for our existing and  new
         clients, which will be even faster and simpler and will enable  even  very
         small sales partners to be tied in  easily.  At  the  same  time,  we  are
         bringing more and more products  to  Europace.  In  addition  to  mortgage
         loans, the platform has been  able  to  process  personal  loans,  current
         accounts,  building  society  contracts  and  building-related    insurance
         policies for quite some  time  now.    And  last  but  not  least,  we  are
         expanding abroad. Europace recently went live in The Netherlands.

About Hypoport AG@@end@@

Hypoport Group is an internet-based all-round financial services provider  based in Berlin. The Group employs some 450 people. The company  has  been  listed  in the Prime Standard on Deutsche Börse since the end of 2007. Its  business  model consists of  two   reciprocally  beneficial  pillars  -  the  sale  of  financial products (Dr. Klein & Co. AG) and the provision of a  platform  for   transacting financial products via the internet. Hypoport operates the EUROPACE B2B financial marketplace, which is  the  largest German online platform for transacting financing products.  A  fully   integrated system links more than 40 product  providers  with   several  thousand  financial advisors, thus enabling  the  quick  and direct  agreement  of  contracts.  The platform's highly  automated   processes  generate  considerable  cost  benefits. Nowadays,   EUROPACE  processes  some  400  financing  transactions  every    day. Hypoport AG publishes  the  monthly  house  price  index  (HPX)   based  on  real transaction data. A list of the  banks  and  service providers  that  use  the  platform  can  be downloaded from www.hypoport.de, as can the Annual Report 2008.

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