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Novozymes launches Pectinex® Ultra Mash to improve juice yield and support smoother clarification and filtration.

    Dittingen, Switzerland (ots) - The latest addition to Novozymes' portfolio of traditional enzymes for juice processing is Pectinex Ultra Mash, a first mashing product that extracts more juice from every apple. One of the first success stories since the integration of Biocon's enzyme business into Novozymes, this new generation mashing enzyme is a direct result from a unique association of two fermentation technologies.

    Convert increased yield into profit

    With apples supplies diminishing, juice producers are looking for new ways to maximize their raw materials. Pectinex Ultra Mash offers an innovative solution, helping increase total yield, among other relevant benefits. "A manufacturer using first mash enzymes in the mashing process can expect a juice yield in the range of 85-91%, an impossible achievement without the use of enzymes," says Frédéric Issenhuth, Global Marketing Manager for Juice at Novozymes. "The new generation Pectinex Ultra Mash offers a yield increase of 1% in comparison with our older first mash enzyme solution - a significant gain in juice-processing terms which makes this new product considered a benchmark in traditional enzymes for the juice processing market."

    From cloudy to clear

    As apple juice is naturally cloudy and consumers find it more aesthetically pleasing when clear, it is essential to remove solid particles during processing. This enhanced balance of enzymes precisely targets specific soluble pectins in the fruit mash, leaving the insoluble pectin almost untouched. "After using Pectinex Ultra Mash, the juice is much easier to depectinize and filter," explains Kurt Dörreich, Head of Customer Solutions for Juice at Novozymes. "Excellent flow rates are achieved during ultrafiltration. With a lower turbidity at the mashing stage, fewer problems are experienced later in the clarification and filtration stages, and the whole efficiency of the plant increases".

    Adaptable and advantageous

    Combining flexibility and efficiency, Pectinex Ultra Mash demonstrates these superior benefits in conjunction with all existing mashing equipment. Offering rapid mashing, faster throughput and enhanced downstream processing, Pectinex Mash boosts productivity and reduces workload during the busy harvest period.

    About Novozymes

    Novozymes is the world leader in bioinnovations and creates
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