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Novozymes Switzerland AG

  • 11.09.2008 – 14:15

    Cut your ingredient costs with Novozymes' Lipopan® Xtra and Lipopan® F

    Dittingen, Switzerland (ots) - Throughout recent times, consumer tastes have been honed to enjoy a wide variety of quality bread products. But manufacturers are posed with an escalating dilemma - how to counteract the ever-rising ingredient prices with cost-effective alternatives that ensure bread improvement. With bread remaining an important element in daily diets ...

  • 31.08.2007 – 11:55

    Novozymes launches enzyme to reduce acrylamide in food

    Dittingen, Switzerland (ots) - Researchers from Novozymes, the world leader in bio-innovations and bio-solutions have found a solution to reduce the level of acrylamide in food products such as cookies, crackers and snacks. Novozymes launches Acrylaway to reduce acrylamide which is formed when starchy foods are baked, fried or toasted at high temperatures. Acrylamide is under suspicion of causing cancer. Health ...