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Results for the first nine months 2012

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In the period under review, group sales totaled EUR 362.6 million, remaining 
almost stable at the previous year's level of EUR 367.3 million adjusted for the
effects of the divestment of the Interior-Systems business. 
The European passenger car industry continued to show a solid development in all
POLYTEC GROUP's relevant markets. Group sales in the passenger car segment
totaled EUR 68.2 million in Q3 2012, increasing slightly by 2.7%. In the first
nine months of 2012, group sales in this segment dropped by 41.9% to EUR 213.9
million, due to the sales contribution of the divested Interior-Systems business
in the previous year. The passenger car segment was once again impacted by
call-off figures of some major customers in the Genuine Accessories business
area (former Car Styling Division), which 
were below expectations. Injection-molding activities continued to show a solid
development in the period under review.
Group sales in the commercial vehicle segment continued to show a negative
development. In addition to the lack of follow-up orders due to a change of
technology, as reported in previous periods, this negative development is also
attributable to the general weak economic environment. 
In the first nine months of 2012, group sales in the non-automotive segment
reported a growth, which was mainly attributable to a sales contribution of
roughly EUR 18 million from the business site POLYTEC Plastics Ebensee (former
PPI). This business site was included for the first time in the consolidated
financial statements of the POLYTEC GROUP as of September 1, 2011.
In the first nine months of 2012, group EBIT declined by 28.1% to EUR 21.3
million compared to the previous year's level adjusted for the effects of the
divestment of the Interior-Systems business. 
The significant improvement of the financial result in the period under review
is principally attributable to the changed balance sheet and financial structure
of the POYTEC GROUP following the divestment of the Interior-Systems business at
the end of the first half of 2011. Since then, the Group has reported net
financial assets instead of net financial liabilities and is therefore in a
position to reinvest its cash and cash equivalents. As of September 30, 2012
total net financial assets amounted to EUR 10.5 million. 
All in all, the POLYTEC GROUP achieved a net profit after income tax of EUR 17.2
million in the first nine months of 2012. This corresponds to earnings per share
of EUR 0.75.

EUR mill.                Q3 2012 Q3 2011 Change in % 1-9 2012 1-9 2011 Change in
Sales                    119,7   121,9   -1,80%      362,6    527,3    -31,20%
EBITDA 1)                10,7    11,3    -5,40%      31,8     44       -27,80%
EBIT 1)                  6,9     7,8     -11,40%     21,3     29,6     -28,10%
Net income               5       5,9     -15,70%     17,2     31,8     -45,90%
EBITDA margin (adjusted) 8,90%   9,30%               8,80%    8,30%    
EBIT margin (adjusted)   5,80%   6,40%               5,90%    5,60%    
Earnings per share       0,22    0,26    -14,50%     0,75     1,4      -46,20%

Earnings figures for the period1-9 2011 are adjusted by the he one off gain of
EUR 7.2 mill. resulting from the deconsolidation from the Interior Systems
business by the end oft he first half 2011. 

Provided that general framework conditions do not deteriorate further, the
Management of POLYTEC Holding expects group sales and earnings for the second
half of 2012 to match the level of the first half-year. However, against the
backdrop of an increasingly volatile market environment, the achievement of such
targets is considered to be quite ambitious.

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