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Disclosure of the resolution of the 12th Annual General Meeting about the authorization of the management board to buy back own shares

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The 12th Annual General Meeting of POLYTEC HOLDING AG on May 16, 2012 has passed
the resolution that authorizes the management board, to buy back own shares
according to clause 65 para. 1 item 8 stock corporation act (Austrian AktG) of
up to 10% of the company's share capital of own ordinary shares during a period
of 30 months beginning with the day of the resolution of the Annual General
Meeting to a lowest price per share of EUR 1 and a highest price, which is not
higher than 10% of the unweighted average closing price of the last 5 trading
days. The purchase of own shares can occur via the stock exchange, in the way of
a public offer or any other legal mode for any legal purpose. The management
board was further more authorized for the cancellation of own shares. The
supervisory board is authorized to enact changes of articles of association
concerning the cancellation of own share.

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POLYTEC GROUP           
Investor Relations

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issuer:      Polytec Holding AG
             Linzer Straße 50
             A-4063 Hörsching
phone:       +43 (0) 7221 / 701-0
FAX:         +43 (0) 7221 / 701-0
mail:     investor.relations@polytec-group.com
WWW:      www.polytec-group.com
sector:      Industrial Components
ISIN:        AT0000A00XX9
indexes:     ATX Prime
stockmarkets: official market: Wien 
language:   English

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