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Multiplying the efficiency for professional 32-bit HDR projects with the new Roundshot VR Drive with HDR mode

Lustdorf (ots) - Swiss company Seitz Phototechnik AG brings the first automated VR panorama head to market, enabling 32-bit HDR imagery with any bracketing steps thanks to innovative software.

Up to now the bracketing range of a digital SLR camera was limited to +/- 2 f-stops (EVs). This is insufficient for 32-bit HDR, where a dynamic range of 20 f-stops or more is often required.

The new Roundshot VR Drive with HDR mode is the solution to this problem. It controls the software of the camera directly and overrides the bracketing limitation. Through this direct camera control larger f-stop bracketing is possible, which allows on the one hand a significant reduction of capture time and on the other decreases post processing time for the 32-bit HDR images. This facilitates the work of the photographer tremendously and boosts productivity.

32-bit HDR images are mostly generated spherically (180x360°) and serve as input material for a realistic visualisation of objects based on design data (CGI) for 3D-computer models. Here it is essential that the image capture sequence is fast, which ensures consistent registration of light.

The VR Drive is the first HDR solution on the market which enables compact handling without the use of additional equipment. All of the necessary parameters for the HDR images, i.e. the medium exposure, the number of images, f-stop bracketing, ISO / ASA, can be entered conveniently in the HDR Program Wizard. Everything else will be handled in a completely automatic way by the VR Drive. This translates into high reliability and into results that can be reproduced any time.

For those clients who are already in possession of the VR Drive 2, it is possible to upgrade their VR Drives by downloading the newest VR Drive software and ordering a new activation key in the e-shop. In its base configuration with two motors and HDR mode, the VR Drive is already available for CHF 4,080 / Euro 3,400.

For more information and product images visit the product website of the Roundshot VR Drive with HDR mode:


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