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Reinventing the Webcam: Roundshot Livecam D2 HD - 66 Million Pixels

Reinventing the Webcam: Roundshot Livecam D2 HD - 66 Million Pixels
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    Swiss company Seitz Phototechnik AG announces the introduction of the new Roundshot Livecam D2 HD. It creates a seamless panorama of up to 66 million pixels in just a few seconds. With a 2 times "full HD" resolution, an outstanding image quality as well as far-reaching functions (archive, ecard, zoom, time-lapse, hotspots, weather data, full- screen) the new camera is the world's best webcam.

    Communicate with the image

    The Roundshot Livecam D2 HD revolutionises the way a tourist resort, a hotel, a city, a harbour, an airport or a company is presented on the internet. Thanks to the 2x full-screen panorama website visitors can truly appreciate the beauty of a landscape. Another application for the new camera is time-lapse - for large construction sites or for film production companies.

    Finest camera technology

    Compared to traditional video webcams the image quality of the Roundshot Livecam D2 HD is far superior. Its vertical resolution is 2,048 pixels leading to a seamless panorama of up to 66 million pixels of any possible angle (up to 360°). The camera is equipped with a digital RGB scanning sensor with 9-stop dynamic range, lively colours and a high sensitivity, allowing image-taking even under difficult lighting conditions (for example at night).

    The silent photographer

    Working fully automatically day and night, the Roundshot Livecam D2 HD is always ready when the light and scenery are at their best. Thanks to its fully automated workflow and resilient construction, the camera requires little maintenance.

    The new camera will be shown for the first time at the Salon de la Photo in Paris from 15-19 October 2009, where it will be creating a live 360° broadcast at:

    The new Roundshot Livecam D2 HD is available now and costs 6'490 Euros (9'800 CHF) including the high resolution camera with lens, cables, waterproof case and software. Additionally Seitz offers an FTP service with web hosting for remote installations or websites with large traffic and other services.

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