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Rosenbauer at the Interschutz
The product highlights of the fire industry group at the world's leading trade fair (with photo)

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New Products

* New PANTHER generation and the BUFFALO extreme
* New portable pump and an even lighter helmet
* New aerial ladder and an AT on a Rosenbauer chassis
Rosenbauer is the no.1 fire service supplier and the fire industry's technology
leader. At the Interschutz, the group will be exhibiting its entire range of
goods and services with a special emphasis on its latest innovations. These
include the fourth generation of the PANTHER ARFF, an aerial ladder with a
previously unattained action radius and new cage, and the first municipal fire
truck, which from the chassis to the superstructure comes entirely from the
Rosenbauer Group. In addition, numerous firsts in the extinguishing system,
technical and personal protection equipment, and operational management segments
will round off the group presentation at the fair.  
The PANTHER forms the centerpiece of the Interschutz presentation. Rosenbauer
will be showing the fourth generation of the world's most successful ARFF, which
for the first time is fitted with the environment-friendly Euro 6 engine, the
latest assistance systems and completely newly developed extinguishing
technology. During the development work, a special focus was placed on the
safety of the crew, which is now still better protected by the new cabin and the
latest PANTHER also offers comfort of a standard previously unseen in a fire
truck. In addition, the design of the vehicle is now even more reminiscent of
its feline namesake. Two versions of the new PANTHER will be on display at the
fair, in the shape of the new 4x4 and the new 6x6.   
The HEROS-titan
With the HEROS-titan, Rosenbauer has developed what is currently the lightest,
full protection helmet on the market. The brand new helmet is the successor to
the HEROS-xtreme and will be making its debut at the Interschutz. It is
considerably lighter than its predecessor and above all stands out due to
increased wearer comfort. The helmet lamp has also been further developed and in
another global first, a heat imaging camera fits into the same niche providing
firefighters with an eye level display. The HEROS-titan derives its high
mechanical stability from both a new geometry and an innovative material
compound, while the fresh design lends the helmet an extremely dynamic and
sporty appearance.   
The BUFFALO extreme
If the latest PANTHER numbers among the world's fastest fire trucks, then the
new BUFFALO undoubtedly is one of the biggest. The vehicle has been specially
developed for the transport of vast amounts of extinguishing agents safely and
reliably over even the most difficult of terrain. Built on a heavy load chassis
and with a total weight of 68 t, the 3.5 m-wide giant can carry no less than
33,000 l of extinguishing agents to the operational scene. Man-sized special
tires and uncompromising all-wheel drive provide the BUFFALO extreme's
exceptional off-road capabilities, which predestine it for operations wherever
no paved roads exist.  
The L32A-XS 2.0
The L32A-XS 2.0 is a further development of the aerial ladder and possesses an
unsurpassed action radius. It can now operate in even smaller spaces and be
smoothly raised still closer to an object. In addition, the cage can also be
lowered at a shorter distance to the cab. A new podium enhances the safety of
any members of the emergency services using the truck, while a new cage
increases firefighters' rescue capacity. With an improvement in payload capacity
to 500 kg for aerial ladders with working heights of up to 32 m, above all the
new cage offers advantages during the rescue of bed-ridden patients, or those
with walking difficulties. These can now be transported safely in wheelchairs or
on heavy stretchers.  
The new Rosenbauer FIX S portable pump is strong, slim and smart in every
regard. It constitutes an entirely new development with an innovative engine,
fresh technology and optimized operating comfort. It has an output of 1,100 l/
min at 10 bar and therefore fits smoothly into the ranks of Rosenbauer's
portable pumps between the BEAVER and the FOX. It is markedly lighter and
narrower than the large FOX and these features provide corresponding advantages
during installation in fire service vehicles and transport. Moreover, the pump
is operated using Rosenbauer's uniform Logic Control System, which is also
employed to equip group vehicles.  
An AT on the Commander
What has been used successfully by the US fire services for the past three years
can now be seen for the first time in Europe. Namely, a complete municipal fire
truck manufactured entirely within the Rosenbauer Group on a one-stop-shopping
basis and offering features coordinated to perfection. The chassis comes from
Rosenbauer Motors in Wyoming, MN, the superstructure from the European premium
class AT (Advanced Technology) vehicle series and the extinguishing technology
from the parent company in Leonding. In fact, the AT on the Commander has
everything that distinguishes a top class, state-of-the-art fire truck and
moreover, this technical package is wrapped up in a superb design.
The Interschutz focuses on new products within the framework of a specific
event. However, at Rosenbauer innovation constitutes a permanent process.
Accordingly, the group's technical specialists and engineering experts are
already hard at work producing the next round of new developments.
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