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09.12.2014 – 09:00

C&A Europe (cunda.de)

C&A appoints Jeffrey Hogue Chief Sustainability Officer

Brussels (ots)

Jeffrey Hogue joins C&A as Chief Sustainability Officer, joining the company from his previous position as senior director of global CSR at McDonalds.

C&A Global has appointed ex-McDonald's CSR director Jeffrey Hogue to become the company's Chief Sustainability Officer. In his new role Jeffrey will be responsible for leading the global development, coordination and delivery of C&A's sustainability strategy worldwide - driving C&A towards even greater responsibility and transparency. Jeffrey will also become the corporate ambassador for C&A's Sustainability program globally and help position C&A as an active promoter of sustainable business development, both in the industry and wider society.

Jeffrey will be based in the company's European headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Initially, Jeffrey will undertake an 'on-boarding' period across all C&A regions before taking up his role fully on March 1, 2015.

About C&A:

With nearly 2,000 stores in 24 countries worldwide and around 60,000 employees, C&A is a leading fashion retail business. C&A welcomes and provides millions of visitors each day with good quality fashions at affordable prices for their entire family. C&A is an enterprise of COFRA Holding AG with a presence in Europe, Brazil, Mexico and China.

For more information, see www.canda.com.


Bill Law
Director External Communications
C&A Europe / Global
Senneberg, Jean Monnetlaan 1
Vilvoorde 1804

Tel.: +32 2 257-6811
E-mail: bill.law@canda.com

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