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Hedge Funds Name Morgan Stanley Top Firm for European Equity Trading in Alpha Magazine

    New York (ots/PRNewswire) - Traders at hedge funds surveyed about the quality of European equity transactions rate Morgan Stanley best at executing orders for pan-European equity trades, Alpha magazine's March/April issue reports. The ranking is based on a retabulation of Institutional Investor's survey of head traders at money management firms investing in European equities; Alpha's ranking shows the results when only hedge fund votes are counted. The survey asked traders to rank brokerages according to their performance in various aspects of European equity trading. UBS runs a close second for pan-European equities execution and takes first place for pan-European sales-trading. For U.K. equities alone, hedge funds give Merrill Lynch top honors for execution and sales-trading.

    Below are the brokerages most highly rated by head traders at hedge funds for execution quality in all European equities, and in U.K. shares only, along with their rank among all respondents.

@@start.t1@@      PAN-EUROPEAN EQUITIES                          U.K.-ONLY
      (including U.K.)                                  EQUITIES
      Rank                                                      Rank
      Hedge                                                    Hedge
      funds        Overall        Firm                  funds        Overall      Firm
      1              1                 Morgan Stanley      1          1                Merrill Lynch
      2              2                 UBS                        2          2                UBS
      3              3                 Citigroup              3          3                Citigroup
      4              6                 Merrill Lynch        4          6                Dresdner
      5              4                 Deutsche Bank        5          10              Cazenove(i)
      (i) Cazenove has merged its investment banking business with J.P.
            Morgan's U.K. investment banking operations in a joint venture known
            as J.P. Morgan Cazenove.@@end@@

    Below are the brokerages most highly rated by hedge fund traders for the quality of their sales-trading in all European shares, and in U.K. equities only, along with their rank among all respondents.

@@start.t2@@      PAN-EUROPEAN EQUITIES                              U.K.-ONLY
      (including U.K.)                                      EQUITIES
      Rank                                                         Rank
      Hedge                                                        Hedge
      funds        Overall        Firm                      funds      Overall    Firm
      1              1                 UBS                          1         1              Merrill Lynch
      2              3                 Citigroup                 2         2              UBS
      3              2                 Morgan Stanley         3         3              Citigroup
      4              4                 Deutsche Bank          4         4              Credit Suisse
                                                                                                      First Boston
      5              6                 Merrill Lynch          5         6              Morgan Stanley@@end@@

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