Syndesis VoIP Solution Enables Feature-Rich Services for an On-Demand World - Engineered to Ensure User Experience and Carrier Success

    Toronto (ots) - As the Voice over IP (VoIP) market heralds a new era in telecommunications, Syndesis is pleased to announce its revolutionary VoIP software solution which, engineered in partnership with Tier 1 service providers, manages the convergence of voice and IP to deliver the cost-effective, high-quality, feature-rich VoIP services subscribers are demanding. Based on the industry's most mature and reliable service fulfillment platform, the Syndesis VoIP solution enables carriers to quickly and effectively move VoIP up the value chain and capture greater market share while laying the groundwork for future content and services that will be carried over their IP networks.

    Analysts predict strong growth in VoIP. More than 10% of broadband subscribers in the U.S. will use IP telephony by 2008, according to recent research by In-Stat/MDR. By 2009, VoIP services are expected to generate approximately 12% of all telephony revenues, Juniper Research projects, putting a $32 billion value on the worldwide VoIP market.

    "For Voice over IP to live up to its potential, it cannot just be about cheap voice -- nor just about voice, for that matter. Voice is just the tip of VoIP," explains Mark Nicholson, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Development for Syndesis. "VoIP is really about enabling a variety of content over IP networks in a highly customizable, flexible and user-friendly manner. It's about delivering advanced features, mobility and unifying communications.

    "For service providers to offer this type of enhanced user experience, they must be able to exercise precise control over the delivery of such services, and that involves tightly managing the service, application and network resources. This is what sets Syndesis apart. We make it possible for carriers to control the quality of service, class of service, security and availability required to differentiate their VoIP offerings from those of pure content providers and to consistently meet, or exceed, customer expectations."

    Syndesis' carrier-class provisioning solution for Residential and Enterprise VoIP enables providers to manage both their VoIP service offerings and their data connectivity -- including IP-VPNs, Direct Internet Access, IP-enabled ATM -- as a single entity, which streamlines operations and eliminates integration and hand-off errors that compromise the user experience.

    "As one of the most important new technologies of the 21st century, VoIP is changing the landscape and economics of telecommunications," said Sanjay Mewada, Vice President, Communications Infrastructure and Software for the Yankee Group. "But while IP telephony promises to be more efficient, flexible and cost-effective than PSTN-based services in the long run, the truth is, providers are not there yet. And in most cases, neither are the profits. So carriers, especially incumbents facing new competition and declining traditional voice revenues, must do all they can to contain costs associated with VoIP rollout and delivery. The market needs solutions that will enable manageability of highly distributed VoIP architectures; build service differentiation with underlying reliability and quality; and most importantly, provide the flexibility necessary to evolve seamlessly with providers' VoIP service portfolios and network infrastructures."

    Keeping Pace in a Rapidly Changing Market

    With off-the-shelf support for VoIP products from Alcatel, Sonus, Sylantro and others, Syndesis continues to expand its market-leading portfolio of productized Equipment Modules (EMs) that cover more than 200 device types. Syndesis' out-of-the-box network adapters speed time to market for new services and features, significantly reduce deployment risks, and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership for a carrier-class solution.

    Unlike other ISVs' equipment cartridges, Syndesis' bi-directional EMs are fully developed, fully tested and certified against actual equipment, fully supported and fully "upgradeable." This guarantees that service providers can keep pace with the latest vendor offerings and continuously enhance their capabilities. Syndesis' open architecture, abstraction of network level complexities, and unified interface to multi-vendor environments insulate higher level systems from the volatility of a still maturing VoIP equipment market. As a result, carriers face far less risk associated with vendor or equipment changes and enjoy freedom of choice and ease of migration.

    Meeting the Demands of Tier 1 Carriers

    Combining out-of-the-box domain capabilities with service creation flexibility, the Syndesis VoIP solution enables providers to rapidly define differentiated services and service bundles. It also features a network-synchronized, up-to-date cache of service data and network configurations, allowing providers to assess the impact of service changes on the integrity of existing services.

    The Syndesis VoIP solution also includes:

    --  Support for managing both enterprise and residential VoIP subscribers, including subscriber feature sets, dial plans, digit maps, phone number assignments and media assignment; per site information including emergency routing, IP subnet assignments, CAC settings, and firewall configuration; and, media server configuration for unified messaging.

    --  Ability to manage softswitch routing and media gateway
trunking, including the management of route lists and routes on the
softswitch and management of trunks on a media gateway.      

    --  Proven transaction management and rollback capabilities that guarantee the entire service is properly configured in the network in a single transaction.

    --  Auto-populate capabilities which, leveraging Syndesis'
accurate cache of network and service data, automate the
configuration of newly deployed softswitches with an accurate image
of existing network-wide routing information, speeding network

    "Our VoIP products are based on our Tier 1-proven platform and offer the level of scalability, performance and reliability that service providers count on from Syndesis," said Nicholson. "And because our solution suite looks beyond the 'V' in VoIP, and our integrated, multi-layer architecture treats voice as one type of content carried over IP delivery networks, it enables service providers to lay the groundwork for the host of 'X over IP' services to come -- messaging, video, gaming, telemetry, and others."


    The Syndesis VoIP solution is part of the company's IP solution suite and includes Syndesis® NetProvision™ for VoIP, Syndesis® NetDiscover™ for VoIP and Syndesis® NetOptimizer™ for VoIP. In successful trials with Tier 1 operators, the Syndesis VoIP solution has been proven to meet the demands of some of the world's largest service providers. This solution is available immediately.

    About Syndesis

    Syndesis ( empowers the world's largest telecommunications companies to provide new network experiences for their customers by enabling rapid and reliable delivery of profitable next-generation data services. Renowned for customer responsiveness, in-depth network expertise and off-the-shelf support for more technologies and equipment than any other OSS software developer, Syndesis is the vendor of choice in deployments at more than 20 major service providers worldwide. Well-funded and privately held, Syndesis is backed by leading venture capital firms including Greylock, Helix, Pequot, Sequoia and VenGrowth. Cisco Systems, Convergys Corporation and Nortel Networks recommend and sell Syndesis software to their customers.

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