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    - BehaviourLink Offers Superior Targeting for Advertisers; Benefits Web Publishers and Their Consumers

    Claria(SM) (, a pioneer and leader in the behavioural marketing space, today announced the introduction of BehaviourLink(SM) (, a next generation behavioural ad network. BehaviourLink enables online publishers, advertisers and consumers to benefit from a wider application of Claria's targeting and relevance technology.

    The BehaviourLink network marks an evolution in how Claria will deploy and use its permission-based behavioural insights platform. Like other ad networks, BehaviourLink will buy standard IAB ad unit inventory from a wide range of portal and publisher partners. BehaviourLink will serve advertisements that are targeted to consumers based on their category interests determined by their anonymous behaviour at a broad spectrum of commercial sites viewed across the Web.

    Claria has created a new division, Vista Marketing Services, which will focus exclusively on new applications of its behavioural insights platform including BehaviourLink and other upcoming new applications, such as enhanced search and content personalization that will be built on this proprietary platform.

    Proven Technology and Industry Traction

    BehaviourLink is the result of six years of development and learning, and tens of millions of dollars of investment into technology and infrastructure. Claria has demonstrated to Fortune 1000 clients that behaviourally targeted pop-up advertising drives significant increases in consumer response rates and advertiser ROI.

    Online behavioural marketing is rapidly gaining momentum. Highlighted in a JupiterResearch study, behavioural targeting is fueling advertiser optimism for the growth and success of online advertising. In an additional recent report by JupiterResearch, senior analyst Gary Stein wrote, "Consumers are more attracted to contextualized ads than they are to ads that use multimedia elements, which indicates relevance may be the ultimate driver of advertising's success."

    In addition, a recent Feedback Research study, using BehaviourLink's behavioural insights platform, demonstrated how the use of anonymous online consumer behaviour, when used to target standard IAB ad units displayed by Web site publishers, can drive substantially higher response rates. The study examined run of site ads from sixteen Travel, Finance, Personals and Retail advertisers at a major portal. The results prove that ads shown to consumers whose prior online commercial behaviour indicated category interest had response rates up to 30-fold (3000%) higher than run of site ads. See a separate release issued today for details on that study: .

    "We're excited to help Claria expand its behavioural targeting platform from a proprietary pop-up network to publisher-based network. By moving their insight based targeted approach into non-intrusive vehicles, we have the opportunity to explore branding campaigns in ways we never could before," said Elias Plishner, Vice President, Interactive Marketing Director of Universal McCann Interactive.

    Evolution of Ad Model

    "The major value of our behavioural insights platform to advertisers has always been our insights into anonymous, consumer behaviour and interests, rather than any specific ad vehicles, such as pop-ups," added Jeff McFadden, president and CEO of Claria. "The natural evolution of the model is to partner with Web site publishers to create a next-generation ad network that will enable the behavioural targeting of standard ad units on their Web pages."

    Claria will roll out BehaviourLink beginning in Q2 with participation from portal and publisher partners and a core group of approximately 100 advertisers. During the initial phase, Claria will be working with these partners to establish best practices for targeting as well as optimization of ad serving. Claria is currently buying media from publishers at a rate exceeding $25 million USD annually to promote its software, and expects this spending rate to eclipse $100 million USD within BehaviourLink's first year of operation.

    Cornerstone Privacy Principles -Permission, Consent and Control

    The BehaviourLink network, which doesn't serve pop-up advertisements, and its proprietary cookie technology, has been designed to meet notice, consent and other standards articulated in pending legislation, such as U.S. Congress' HR 29, as well as the privacy and opt-out requirements of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) principles for online preference marketing.

    Claria is working with industry groups, trade associations and others to ensure that BehaviourLink will meet or exceed existing and developing legislative and regulatory standards. Additionally, Claria has put together a team of leading privacy, public policy and consumer advocates to work with the company to ensure that privacy and consumer controls are built into BehaviourLink. This team will also help lay the groundwork and define the process for working with both Web publishers and software integration partners. See a separate release issued today: .

    "We have learned and evolved with our six years of pioneering behavioural marketing -- and these experiences have enabled us to arrive at this exciting place. The early BehaviourLink support we have received from marquee publishers, industry organizations and advertisers has been overwhelming. Together we'll introduce the next-generation platform which will benefit consumers, advertisers, software publishers and Web site publishers alike," concluded McFadden.

    For more information contact Mandy Mladenoff of SHIFT Communications, LLC -- +1-415-591-8420,

    About Claria Corporation: Founded in 1998, Claria Corporation ( is a leader in online behavioural marketing. Claria's behavioural data platform provides Web publishers and advertisers the information they need to deliver advertisements targeted to individual consumer interests. Claria provides marketing research and business insights through its Feedback Research division, delivering in-depth analytics of consumer Web usage patterns across the Internet. Claria's Vista Marketing Services division is dedicated to bring consumers a more relevant and highly personalized Web experience. Claria headquarters are located in Redwood City, California, with U.S. offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Detroit, Austin, and International offices in the U.K. and Asia.

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