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Militaries Worldwide Modernize Essential Equipment; CamelBak(R) Systems First Used by Special Forces Spread to Regular Troops

    Petaluma, California (ots/PRNewswire) -

    - Early Adoption of Hands-Free Hydration Systems by U.S. Military and NATO Countries Help Spur Demand by Armies Around the World

    CamelBak(R) Products, LLC., inventor of the hydration-on-the-move water-backpack system, today announced that its drinking system-already standard issue for U.S. military and some U.K. forces-is now in use by more than 500,000 troops fighting for modern armies worldwide. The global reach of CamelBak is an impressive achievement for a small business located an hour north of San Francisco, in California's wine country.

    Over the past few years, military commanders from NATO countries took notice of CamelBak's use by U.S. and U.K. military. They noted the benefits of mobile hydration systems as a superior way of hydrating the body, particularly in combat conditions. The ergonomic gear allows military personnel to carry three liters of water, drink without removing hands from weapons or stopping and assures peak performance while remaining focused on the mission. Most recently, the Belgian Government purchased 8,000  chemical/biological reservoir (CBR4.0) 3Litre systems in Belgian camouflage  material with Cleaning Kits, In-Line Micro Filters and Gas Mask adaptors,  for delivery in early 2005. The Hong Kong Police Force has also recently  adopted the CBR 4.0.

    In 2003, CamelBak's use by international military forces came into its own as interest in the equipment transitioned to purchase agreements. Increasingly, CamelBak systems are becoming standard equipment around the world for troops, as well as for elite units of law enforcement. By 2004, military forces in more than 40 countries, including all NATO Armed Forces,  were using CamelBak systems. Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Japan,  Singapore, Portugal and the U.K. have adopted CamelBak systems not only for  elite branches of the military, but also for regular military personnel.

    "CamelBak's phenomenal success among international militaries is due in large part to its combat proven success in the field and popularity among enlisted troops who rely on it," said Chuck Hunter, senior vice president and general manager of CamelBak Product's military government and industrial divisions. "CamelBak meets the demands of individual countries by modifying  our standard system to meet specific requirements for camouflage patterns and configuration."

    CamelBak has created customized versions of its hydration gear for the Australian, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabian, British, Canadian, Dutch  and German Armies.

    CamelBak's Military History

    CamelBak systems first gained popularity in the 1980s with American and European consumers who understood the benefits of hands-free drinking during outdoor recreation, such as cycling. Athletes noted significantly better performance when they consumed water by consistent sipping rather than gulping periodically from water bottles. Scientific studies later confirmed these perceived physical benefits with tests providing that consistent hydration resulted in better athletic performance.

    Some of these athletes then began using CamelBak systems at work. Among these were members of the U.S. military's elite Special Forces. Before long, CamelBak systems were used in combat by troops in Operation Desert Storm. Over the 1990s, the use of CamelBak systems expanded from elite forces into regular U.S. forces. Today, CamelBak systems are found across all U.S. military branches, where CamelBak's are described as "hydration-on-the-move."

    But just as the military benefited from CamelBak's invention, troops benefited CamelBak with invaluable feedback from the most demanding environments in the world. Troop recommendations from the field result in an ongoing list of product innovations that keep CamelBak at the forefront of the industry. The most recent example is CamelBak's CBR 4.0, Chem-Bio Reservoir system designed to provide safe drinking water in the most dangerous chemical and biological combat environments.

    As with many of CamelBak's advanced military products, the CBR 4.0 was first used in combat situations with U.S. Special Forces. It also is used by elite elements of the New York Police Department, U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Health and Human Services.

    About CamelBak

    CamelBak Products, LLC., is the originator and world leader in hands-free systems for hydration on the move. Since 1991, CamelBak has built a reputation with first responders, law enforcement officials and military personnel as the product of choice when seeking state-of-the-art hydration. CamelBak continues to refine and evolve its products for situations that demand peak hydration to support peak performance, whether dealing with natural disasters at home or potential biological and chemical threats abroad. The privately-held company is headquartered in Petaluma, California.

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