The Crystal Cathedral

Join Us in Celebrating, Christmas Eve Live From The Crystal Cathedral

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@@start.t1@@                                                SATELLITE FEEDS:
                        Friday, December 24, 2004                2100-2200 EST/
                        Saturday December 25, 2004              0200-0300 GMT
        Territory                 Satellite Coordinates                              Audio
        Central America        C Band      PAS 9 Transponder 8C Slot 6    Digital in
        South America/                         3840.0 MHz (Horiz)                  NTSC
                                                        FEC 7/8 - Symbol rate 27.69000
                                                        DVB MPEG 2 Network ID 5002
        Europe                      KU Band    NSS 7 Transponder                    Digital in
                                                        NAV6/EUH6                                 PAL
                                                        11573.75 MHz Horizontal,
                                                        Channel 1
                                                        FEC 3/4 - Symbol rate 6.1113
        Indian Ocean Region                 PAS 10 Transponder 3C              Digital in
                                                        Slot 103                                  PAL
        (Japan to Eastern Europe,        3836.5 MHz (Horiz)
        Africa, C.I.S and SE Asia)      FEC 7/8 - Symbol rate 19.85000
                                                        DVB MPEG 2 Network ID 1
                        Friday, December 24, 2004                2230-2330 EST/
                        Saturday December 25, 2004              0330-0430 GMT
        Territory                 Satellite Coordinates                              Audio
        Pacific Rim              C Band      Intelsat POR 180                      Digital in
        (including China,            Transponder 21/11 upper channel 4  PAL
        Japan, Korea,                          3769 MHz (RHCP)
        Hong Kong, Taiwan,                  FEC 7/8 - Symbol rate 20.0000
        Australia and
        New Zealand)
                         Saturday December 25, 2004         0300-0400 EST (0800-0900 GMT)
        Territory         Satellite Coordinates                              Audio
        Europe              KU Band    NSS 7 Transponder NAV6/EUH6    Digital in PAL
                                                11573.75 MHz Horizontal, Channel 1
                                                FEC 3/4 - Symbol rate 6.113
        FORMAT:  LIVE Broadcast
        DURATION: 1 hour@@end@@


    For 49 years Dr. Robert Schuller, host of the International television program, "Hour of Power," has celebrated the magic of the holiday season by offering a special message of hope to his congregation. In the year 2004 Dr. Robert H. Schuller, assisted by his son, Dr. Robert A. Schuller, continues this wonderful tradition with the presentation of LIVE broadcasts from the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California.

    Bring the warmth and beauty of the Crystal Cathedral into the homes of your viewers by downlinking (free of charge) one of the spectacular LIVE satellite feeds. Transport yourself and your audience to a place where you will experience the splendor and serenity of Christmas Eve. This year, Dr. Robert Schuller is proud to feature multi-gold record pianist Roger Williams, known nationally as "Mr. Piano", and "Hour of Power" favorite, Composer and Inspirational Performer, Ken Medima performing "Hush Missus Teenage Mary". Hear the story of the first Christmas from the pages of Scripture. Imagine yourself standing amidst snow falling from a night sky beneath the 120-foot ceiling of the Crystal Cathedral. Listen as the 100-voice Crystal Cathedral Choir sings "Silent Night" accompanied by a full symphony orchestra and a 16,000 pipe organ -- setting the scene for hope and peace around the world.

    Services will be fed LIVE via satellite and seen by millions of viewers worldwide in Europe, Russia, South America, Asia and the Middle East. Broadcast the full hour as part of your LIVE holiday programming on Christmas Eve, or arrange to tape the services to air as part of your station's Christmas Day or regular holiday news program.


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