Remei AG: Indian cotton producers become shareholders

    Rotkreuz (ots) - On 29th July 268 small producers in Central India have received shares to a value of 1000 rupees each. Consequently they become owners of the company that purchases their cotton and provides the much in demand education and consulting in organic farming. These farmers are part of the sustainable development project "Maikaal bioRe®". Maikaal is the name of the Indian region where the project takes place. bioRe® is a certified textile chain, initiated by the Swiss company Remei AG. The bioRe® chain secures ecological, social and fair conditions at all production stages, from the organic cultivation of cotton to the finished product.     In this project textiles are produced successfully since 1992, among others for Coop Naturaline et the WWF. More than a thousand producers are registered in 2004 and benefit from more favourable terms of trade. All registered producers can become shareholders as soon as they have been five years with the project, implementing the organic requirements consistently. The project's promoter, Remei AG, is reducing its shareholding in favour of the farmers. With this the Maikaal bioRe® project is going into Indian hands and capital will be built locally, in a sustainable manner.  With bioRe® Remei AG has set to create better living and working conditions for cotton producers. These efforts towards a fair textile production have earned Remei AG a Sustainable Development Award at the UN Summit in Johannesburg in 2002.


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