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17.12.2013 – 15:00


ORACLE TEAM USA Official Commemorative app developed by WISeKey to celebrate one of the Greatest Comebacks in Sporting History

Geneva, SUI / San Francisco, USA (ots)

WISeKey, the Official Fan App Supplier of ORACLE TEAM USA, winner of the 34th America's Cup in San Francisco this September, has released a commemorative edition of the Official ORACLE TEAM USA WISfans app. The app incorporates a special unreleased ORACLE TEAM USA video from the America's Cup Finals, a slide show featuring a sample of the team's best images and, of course, the link to ORACLE TEAM USA mobile game, a 3D animation of the team's AC72 racing yacht and more. This commemorative edition will also give fans a unique mobile experience via a TimeLine of ORACLE TEAM USA's main events from throughout the campaign which saw the American team retain the oldest trophy in international sports.

The app leveraged the team's worldwide fan ecosystem (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, videos, photos, blogs, sponsor-supported social campaigns, etc.) to generate exciting, interactive and relevant content via a secure mobile app, with fun digital features. In the future, plans are to further develop the app with a digital Fan ID card, more subscription options to view content, and FanCheering which allows fans to post their updates and supportive shoutouts, in text, photo, video, and share them with other fans. These fan- sourced 'cheers' are also posted on the Web and shared with other fans. The app is part of a WISeKey strategy to allow sports events to capture big data from fans interactions, objects, sensors and devices sending data to fully secure cloud storage. allowing all of these objects and devices fully connected to the internet, enabling intercommunication and autonomous machine-to-machine (M2M) data transfer.

"The app generated a great deal of traffic and buzz, in addition to providing fans with a 'go-to' platform to follow ORACLE TEAM USA's action throughout the America's Cup racing and beyond with 24/7 fan engagement," said Grant Simmer, General Manager of ORACLE TEAM USA.

"The app has already hit the top of the US charts and recruited a whole new fanbase to ORACLE TEAM USA," said Carlos Moreira, WISeKey Founder and CEO. "WISeKey and ORACLE TEAM USA share a deep belief in integrity, excellence, and the empowering nature of first-rate technology. This partnership confirms WISeKey's commitment to developing its brand in the US and bringing its expertise to major sports' franchises in the US market".

Download the Official ORACLE TEAM USA WISfans© App version 2 at: .


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