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Valeo Celebrates 20 Years in Japan and Showcases Innovative Technologies at the Tokyo Motor Show

    Tokyo, Japan (ots/PRNewswire) - The Tokyo Motor Show represents a major opportunity for Valeo to showcase its latest automotive technologies to the general public and to underline its 20 years presence in Japan. Twenty years after the founding of Valeo Japan in December 1985, the Group has become a recognised partner for many Japanese automakers. The Group supports these customers in both their international and domestic development.

    20 years in Japan: a successful integration of cultures

    With eight production plants, four R&D centres and 5,200 employees in Japan, Valeo continues to grow in this strategic market, where 10 million vehicles are produced every year.

    In 2000, Valeo created its first local joint venture, with the transmission components division of Unisia Jecs Corporation. Two months later the Group created two joint ventures in the area of thermal systems: Zexel Valeo Climate Control (ZVCC), which manufactured air-conditioning systems and compressors, and Valeo Zexel Engine Cooling (VZEC), which was created to develop and market Valeo engine cooling systems in Asia. In March 2005, Valeo purchased the remaining shares in these joint ventures and created Valeo Compressors, its first Branch headquarters outside France, and two Divisions for Engine Cooling and Climate Control.

    The year 2000 also saw Valeo acquire 21% of the capital of Ichikoh, one of the major lighting systems manufacturers in Japan, mainly supplying Nissan and Toyota in Asia. In August 2005, Valeo's participation in Ichikoh was increased to 27.6%.

    Today, it is through supporting the Japanese automakers' strategy to develop their global presence, particularly in China, Europe and the United States, that Valeo is developing its sales with them outside of Japan.

    "Valeo's local production and R&D facilities and its partnership approach with its customers, as well as its ability to support the global expansion of Japanese automakers is key to its success in Japan," said Valeo Chairman and CEO, Thierry Morin.

    Focus on fuel savings

    The engineers of Valeo's Powertrain Efficiency Domain have developed several new technologies to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. At a time when oil is becoming more and more expensive, Valeo's starter-alternator - StARS - and Smart Valve Actuation Technology are ideal solutions for carmakers. These two Valeo's innovations together reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions up to 40%.

    "With future generations of the starter-alternator, we can offer our customers a system that provides 80% of the fuel savings of a full hybrid at 20% of the cost," said Thierry Morin.

    Safety is the top priority

    Latest studies conducted among drivers in Europe, Asia and the United States clearly show that driver expectations of future car design relate primarily to safety and in particular active safety for collision avoidance. Drivers wish to be fully informed about their environment and alerted to potential hazards so as to be able to take appropriate decisions, e.g. whether to brake, accelerate, turn, etc.

    Three successful Valeo innovations - Lane Departure Warning System, Blind Spot Detection System and Ultrasonic Park Assist System - respond to the driver's needs. These innovations which improve safety, comfort and driving pleasure are the result of efforts of engineers from Valeo's Driving Assistance Domain, which develops advanced technologies using cameras, radar, infrared and ultrasonic sensors to provide 360 degree monitoring of the vehicle's environment. The US launch in 2004 of the Lane Departure Warning System on two Infiniti models represents a world first for this technology.

    Enabling a better automotive world

    Valeo's mission is to deliver added value to its OEM and aftermarket customers around the world through innovative, total quality, cost-effective solutions and services in the Domains of Driving Assistance, Powertrain Efficiency and Comfort Enhancement.

    - Driving Assistance: solutions for safer vehicles.

    The technologies within this Domain are intended to monitor the vehicle's perimeter, inform the driver and other road users about the vehicle's immediate environment and initiate appropriate corrective actions.

    - Powertrain Efficiency: solutions for cleaner, more efficient, more economical vehicles.

    This Domain covers systems for enhancing vehicle performance and driving pleasure and minimising fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

    - Comfort Enhancement: solutions for comfortable vehicles.

    This Domain aims to make vehicle use more practical and comfortable and is devoted to vehicle access and safety, and to the comfort and well-being of its occupants.

    Valeo (OTC: VLEEY) is an independent industrial Group fully focused on  the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules  for cars and trucks. Valeo ranks among the world's top automotive suppliers.  The Group has 130 plants, 68 R&D centres, 9 distribution centres and employs 72,100 people in 28 countries worldwide

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