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BDU... or How to Make a Battery Intelligent

    Paris (ots/PRNewswire) - The BDU (Battery Disconnect Unit), designed by Valeo, is a genuine off switch for the vehicle's electrical system. It protects the battery against unexpected discharge, and disconnects it immediately in the event of a short circuit or accident.

    Statistics from breakdown and recovery services show that battery problems are one of the main causes of breakdowns. This situation may soon be rectified by installing the BDU (Battery Disconnect Unit), a small unit designed by Valeo. Installed in series on the battery's positive terminal to replace the traditional fuse box, it comprises an autonomous electronic control unit (ECU) designed to enhance the reliability and state of health of the vehicle's electrical system.

    Optimized safety

    At the heart of the system lies an electrical intensity sensor and a relay with a strong cutting capacity, capable of connecting and disconnecting the battery up to a charge of 1,500 amps.

    In the event of a serious accident (causing the airbags to deploy), the potential risk due to a damaged electrical system is virtually nil. A signal sent by the shock detector is transmitted to the BDU, which disconnects the battery automatically - in less than five milliseconds.

    The BDU's disconnection capacity also offers automatic protection to the vehicle's electrical network, for example in the event of a polarity reversal.

    Increased lifetime for the battery

    In addition to the features described above, the BDU offers a significant advantage to both automakers and end-users: the possibility of simple, accessible manual disconnection. This protects the battery from electrical discharges when the vehicle is left stationary - or in storage - for long periods. The battery keeps its charge, thereby ensuring a trouble-free return to the road. This system also helps lengthen the battery's lifetime, by avoiding major discharges.

    The BDU system, which offers advantages both to automakers and their customers (improvement of the vehicle's reliability and the safety of its occupants, optimization of the battery's lifetime) will equip a Europeen vehicle scheduled to go into production in 2007.

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