Syndesis Announces Support for Emerging Multi-Service Edge Market

    Toronto (ots) - As the multi-service edge (MSE) market experiences significant growth, and as service providers look for the most cost effective ways to migrate revenue-generating services to these new edge networks, Syndesis is pleased to announce its provisioning, activation and discovery support for MSE platforms. The Syndesis solution is currently providing off-the-shelf support for numerous hardware devices including Nortel Networks* Multiservice Provider Edge (MPE) 9000 series platform.

    Syndesis is the only vendor that provides a real-time view of the network, making it the partner of choice for equipment vendors seeking to provide pre-integrated provisioning capabilities for their hardware offerings, and Tier 1 service providers. Service providers are working to reduce costs and simplify deployments by uniting Layer 2 and Layer 3 services at the edge of the network but, in doing this, they are facing new provisioning challenges. Syndesis is helping the world's leading providers meet these challenges head on, with support for MSE that includes:

    - Ensuring Deployment Success. Syndesis provides pre-integrated,
        off-the-shelf support for MSE devices. The Syndesis solution  
        ensures quick time to market with known costs and easy  
        integration into existing OSSs based on multi-vendor support and
        open APIs.
    - Investment Protection. Syndesis supports multi-layer MSE    
        provisioning through a single platform, which can be utilized
        for all aspects of a service provider's MSE solution -- from
        provisioning IP VPNs end-to-end, to Broadband access, to MPLS.
        Providers can, for example, grow and expand their utilization of
        the Nortel Networks MPE 9000 while, at the same time, protecting
        their investment in both infrastructure and OSS.
    - Service Aware and Network Aware. Syndesis maps the customer to  
        MSE service elements using a real-time database of record. This
        database contains an accurate record of Layer 1, 2 and 3
        objects to offer an up-to-date view of the network. In addition,
        Syndesis software provisions all required equipment and
        preserves service integrity.
    - Out-of-the-box Profiles. Integrated MSE Service Profiles  
        simplify the provisioning process and ensure consistency of
        service. This makes it possible for upstream systems and  
        provisioning clerks to function efficiently without knowing the
        intricate details of how each service is provisioned.
    "Syndesis can fully provision multiple layers and devices with one
unified platform," said Mark Nicholson, CTO and Vice President of
Product Development for Syndesis. "We can provision Layer 2 ATM
individually, or Layer 3 MPLS individually, or both layers combined
-- in networks comprised of Nortel Networks and other equipment
types. This places us in an industry leading position to handle the
convergence currently being experienced in the MSE market."
Syndesis software solutions are engineered and proven to perform in
multi-vendor, multi-technology carrier-class networks. This is a
powerful differentiator for service providers who want to gracefully
migrate services that are currently on ATM and/or MPLS to the edge of
their network and beyond, onto the customer premises.

    About Syndesis

    Syndesis ( empowers the world's largest telecommunications companies to provide new network experiences for their customers by enabling rapid and reliable delivery of profitable next generation data services. Renowned for customer responsiveness, in-depth network expertise and off-the-shelf support for more technologies and equipment than any other OSS software developer, Syndesis is the vendor of choice in deployments at more than 20 major service providers worldwide. Well-funded and privately held, Syndesis is backed by leading venture capital firms including Greylock, Helix, Pequot, Sequoia and VenGrowth. Cisco, Convergys and Nortel recommend and sell Syndesis software to their customers.

    * Nortel Networks is a trademark of Nortel Networks.

    Use of the terms "partner" and "partnership" does not imply a legal partnership relationship between Nortel Networks and any other party.

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