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02.08.2004 – 14:11

Rockstar Software Inc.

Rockstar Software, Inc. Announces New Corporate Name -- Aramova, Inc. - Aramova Delivers Internet Mobility

    San Francisco, CA (ots)

In a bold move, Rockstar Software (, the leading provider of essential subscriber access and management solutions today announced that they have renamed their company as Aramova ( to promote its new vision of seamless mobility for Internet services. Aramova, translated from Latin, means "secure movement," which highlights its vision and focus on intelligent access management solutions.

    In the past 8 years, Rockstar Software has made significant achievements in providing their solutions for the dial-up, digital subscriber line (DSL), and cable industries. Over the past 12 months, the company strategically focused on expanding its solutions to the emerging wireless industry. Aramova is soon to announce a significant customer and several key partners for wireless wide area networks (WWAN) and wireless local area networks (WLAN) infrastructures. This strategic focus and investment will provide ultimate flexibility to fixed-line and mobile operators by providing real-time service availability information, service activation, and secure roaming for their Internet access customers that desire remote access. The end-to-end solution also provides enterprise service providers a highly adaptable framework for maintaining control over the user interface, client experience, and feature sets required for businesses and their mobile workforce.

    "We've expanded our solutions and market focus from fixed-line Internet providers to include wireless and enterprise providers," said Pete Szalay, CEO and Chairman of Aramova. "Mobile network operators and WLAN providers can now benefit from our technology. Our comprehensive solution for ubiquitous access and remote management will provide secure seamless mobility for Internet services over personal computers (PCs), portable data assistants (PDAs), and SmartPhones. This freedom and convenience is paramount for Internet mobility."

    "I think Aramova's vision and solution for intelligent access management addresses an important market opportunity," said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst at MobileTrax. "While several companies offer client technology, their server/client framework gives wireless providers full control over the users experience and helps them manage business intelligence. The ability to remotely provision value-added applications, and automate multi-network access presents a unique offering that can benefit mobile network providers, network aggregators, and WLAN service providers."

    Starting today, visitors to the company's old Web site will be directed to its new site ( where they can learn more about its new vision and expanded solution offering. Aramova has invested substantial resources to the fulfillment of this mission and will be making many exciting announcements in the coming weeks and months.


    Aramova is the pioneer in Intelligent Access Management solutions for Communications and Enterprise Service Providers. A market leader in the Fixed-line industry, Aramova is applying its success to fortify its position in the Wireless industry. Aramova delivers Internet Mobility to its customers by simplifying user experience when connecting across multiple access networks. By abstracting the complexities associated with connecting to and remotely managing heterogeneous networks, Aramova customers can expand their Internet access service offerings, create sustainable revenue growth, and maintain long-term profitability.

    Designed for industry leading ISPs, Mobile Network Operators, ILECs, CLECs, MSOs, WLAN Operators, and Enterprise Service Providers worldwide, Aramova's customers include household names like AT&T, Bell Canada, KPN, Qwest, Verizon, and XO Communications. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with international offices in Norwich, England.

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