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02.12.2003 – 17:30

Rockstar Software Inc.

Rockstar Challenges Industry With Free Software

  Rockstar Software Swaps Out Competition's Software -- Free of Charge

San Francisco, CA (ots)

In an aggressive move, Rockstar Software
(, the leading provider of essential
subscriber access and management solutions, today announced that they
will exchange existing licenses from any competitor with their own
next generation Coreworks solution at no cost until January 31st,
2004. Designed to be modular and extensible, the entirely new
architecture allows for a downloadable thin client -- a new
cost-effective way of distribution in comparison to CDs. Contact
Rockstar Software via email at or by phone at
(415)-242-1984 to get started today.
    The innovative Coreworks solution, built entirely from the ground-
up, is a next generation preventative care solution that minimizes
the number of support calls during initial sign-up of services for
broadband providers. With most incidences occurring during the first
month of service activation, Rockstar's Coreworks not only eliminates
these calls but also serves as an aftercare solution that supports
the customer post activation. The self-service automation provides an
amazing 20% reduction in customer care call volumes, while increasing
annual installations by over 20%. The quickest to deploy in the
industry, Rockstar's preventative support solution is the fastest
return on investment, and will help dramatically reduce operational
    "As a leader in preventative support solutions, we are determined
to prove our superiority against our competition. We're prepared to
challenge any competitive products with our next generation
architecture and prove our technological leadership with this special
offer," said Peter G. Szalay, CEO of Rockstar Software. "Our solution
is modular and extensible which can evolve with the providers as they
migrate from modems to smart devices such like residential gateways,
as well as wireless devices."
    Founded in 1995, Rockstar Software develops and distributes
essential subscriber access and management solutions. A market leader
in the dial-up industry, Rockstar is applying its success to
fortifying its position in broadband and pioneering the delivery of
intelligent access services in the wireless realm by creating a
simple unified user experience across multiple access networks, that
attracts and retains high value customers by automating essential
services without the difficulties associated with networking today.
Designed for industry leading ISPs, ILECs, CLECs, MSOs, Mobile
Network Operators, Hotspot Operators, and Enterprise Service
Providers worldwide, Rockstar's' customers include household names
like AT&T, Bell Canada, NTL, Qwest, Telewest, Verizon, XO
Communications, and
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