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    Zurich (ots) - cablecom previewed its 2006 business year today and unveiled new product plans that will bolster the company's market position. In the beginning of the year, mobile telephony and the digital tv recorder (DVR) will dominate the agenda for Switzerland's largest cable operator. Since launching wireless telephony service in December 2005, cablecom has become the first Swiss company to offer TV, broadband Internet access, landline telephony and mobile telephony from a single source.

    In 2006, cablecom plans to build on its current position in the Swiss telecommunications market with solutions for both residential and business customers. Today, the company demonstrated its brand new digital tv recorder that enables customers to watch what they want, when they want. Cablecom also unveiled its plans in mobile telephony, including mobile VoIP for digital phone. Postpaid mobile service will be available in the second quarter of this year.

    Pioneer and market leader

    Rapid technological change has created innovative new services, and cablecom is taking a leading role in bringing these improvements to Switzerland. Cablecom is the market leader in its territory for broadband Internet access, and cablecom's digital phone service provides the only true alternative in landline telephony. Thanks to cablecom, even the mobile telephony market has become more competitive. In the first week after the launch of cablecom prepaid mobile, prices for prepaid services were reduced twice.

    Cablecom is also setting new standards in development of digital TV. The existing analog service is now available in digital format with virtually complete national coverage. Beginning in January 2006, the new digital tv recorder is now available to deliver an entirely new viewing experience. HDTV signals will soon be available via the cablecom network, and cablecom will supply content that enables customers to take full advantage of digital technology.

    The future for a Quadruple Player

    Product bundling is becoming increasingly important in the industry because the price/performance benefits are more appealing to customers. By transforming itself from a Triple Player to a Quadruple Player - TV, Internet, landline and mobile telephony - cablecom has paved the way for innovative, new products as part of its cost-effective, bundled services.

    Besides bundling of services, Quadruple Play brings customers another key advantage. For the first time ever in Switzerland, all communications services are now available from a single source. And the demand is great. According to a cablecom customer survey, approximately half of all current customers are interested in mobile telephony service provided by cablecom.

    Attractive package, simplified operation

    Customers who use several of cablecom's communication services already take advantage of excellent offers, such as the combination of hispeed and digital phone. For some time, customers have been able to read and reply to e-mails via cablecom digital tv. Before the end of this year, cablecom plans to introduce other product packages, such as bundling digital tv options with lower tariffs for foreign phone calls.

    With the convergence of various media and new technologies, technical demands for users tend to increase. That's why cablecom attaches so much importance to simplicity of installation and operation (plug & play) for new products. As Managing Director Rudolph Fischer said, "Customers are increasingly stretched by new technologies. At cablecom, our focus is on providing customers with easy-to-use, intuitive operation, and the new digital tv recorder is an excellent example."

    About cablecom

    Cablecom is Switzerland's largest cable network operator, offering its customers quadruple-play products in cable television, broadband Internet, mobile and fixed network telephony. Cablecom also supplies voice, data and value-added services for business customers. In addition, cablecom provides cable network companies with plant engineering and construction, as well as application and transmission services for television, telephony and Internet. The company's own nationwide network (one of only two in Switzerland) supplies 14 of the country's 16 largest cities. Cablecom is an international subsidiary of UPC Broadband, the European cable network group of Liberty Global Inc.

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