High credibility for Swiss television - Stephan Klapproth voted favorite news moderator

    Zurich (ots) - For the first time, the pan-European television survey by UPC (published at was conducted in Switzerland this year. The study's most conspicuous findings include high credibility for Swiss public television, as well as Switzerland's ranking as the country with Europe's lowest rate of TV consumption. To recognize the most popular news moderator, cablecom has created the «Swiss TV Award». This year's winner is Stephan Klapproth, news moderator for 10vor10.

    In 2005, the second, pan-European survey by UPC / cablecom was conducted in all 14 European countries where UPC provides television and telecommunications services. For the first time, this study also includes Switzerland. Besides evaluating television's credibility, it also investigated the effect of age on television viewing habits. The survey was coordinated by Research International and is based on a sampling of more than 6,000 individuals. Respondents were organized into three age groups: 16-29, 30-49 and 50 plus. To download the study, visit wirueberuns/upc_2005_tv_survey. "As the market leader in the Swiss television business, cablecom benefits from access to European market data," said Rudolf Fischer, Managing Director of cablecom. "This study shows how important public television is for the way opinions are formed in Switzerland."

    No TV junkies - selective viewing dominates

    The Swiss have the lowest TV consumption rate in Europe. For example, while 70% of the French spend more than two hours watching television each day, the rate in Switzerland is only 31%. A key finding is that older people watch much more television than young viewers: 37% of Swiss people over 50 watch more than two hours of television a day, compared to only 25% in the 16-29 age group.

    Favorite programs have priority and are recorded

    Every second person in Switzerland has a favorite television program that they don't like to miss. This rate is even higher among the older generation, including 32% who record favorite programs and 30% who stay home specifically to watch them. Only among the 16-29 age group does a majority (56%) not arrange their daily schedules around particular television programs.

  Higher credibility for public television than private channels

    The Swiss people place a high value on being well informed: 68% of Swiss viewers cite information needs as their main reason for watching television. Among the 50-plus group, this reason rates as high as 86%. While 82% of all viewers believe that television news is reliable, public channels clearly are preferred over private channels. While 64% of Swiss viewers believe that public television news is accurate, only 2% accept the accuracy of private channels. In this regard, Swiss attitudes clearly differ from the rest of Europe, where approximately half of all viewers believe that private-channel news is equally reliable.

    Reality shows are not popular in Switzerland

    Young people present a different profile, preferring entertainment to information. In the 16 to 29 age group, 55% watch television primarily for entertainment, while 77% say that they do not like reality shows.

    Television influences voting behavior

    Political information on television ranks high: 71% of Swiss viewers are interested in national politics and 73% in European politics. At the same time, 64% of respondents say that their voting behavior is influenced by televised political debates.

      High affinity for new technologies

    In Switzerland, 77% of those surveyed express an interest in new technologies, compared to a European average of only 71%. For example, roughly four out of five Swiss viewers have a wireless network at home. While the Swiss don't spend much time in front of the television, 58% of viewers own more than one television set. One in five Swiss viewers in the 16 to 29 age group has three television sets at home-twice as many as in the 30 to 49 age group.

    Switzerland's most popular newscaster

    In each of 14 countries, participants were asked to choose their favorite news moderator from a list of ten candidates. Most of these candidates are moderators for private TV channels. In Switzerland, the most popular news moderator is Stephan Klapproth of the news magazine 10vor10. Main network news anchor Heiner Müller is ranked number two, while Darius Rochebin, Télévision Suisse Romande newscaster, came in third. In recognition of this honor, cablecom has presented Stephan Klapproth with the newly created «Swiss TV Award» of CHF 20,000.00. This award is linked to an event last year that especially touched the moderator. Klapproth was enthusiastic: "I would like to donate the money to the small aid organization "Goutte d'eau" which fights child trafficking and child prostitution in Asia. I was very impressed by their orphans homes when I visited Cambodia."

    About cablecom:

    Cablecom is Switzerland's largest cable network operator, offering its customers triple-play products in cable television, broadband Internet and fixed network telephony. The company also supplies Managed Area Networks (WAN) as well as voice and value-added services for Swiss business customers. In addition, it provides analog television service and plant construction, as well as application and transmission services for wholesale customers. Cablecom's countrywide network (one of only two in Switzerland) serves 14 of the country's 16 largest cities. Liberty holds 100% of the capital stock of cablecom Holding AG.     About UPC Broadband

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