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Riverhead Technology Anchors New DDoS Protection Service From DataPipe: SureArmour™ Service Utilizes Riverhead Solutions to Identify and Block the Largest, Most Sophisticated Attacks

    CUPERTINO, CA (ots) - Riverhead Networks™, a leading provider of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) solutions, today announced that DataPipe Managed Hosting Services, a New Jersey-based hosting provider, has selected Riverhead Networks to provide the key technology behind its new SureArmour™ DDoS protection service.

    DataPipe has deployed the Riverhead Guard™ XT to provide the critical DDoS attack mitigation capabilities for the new subscription service. When a SureArmour subscriber comes under attack, traffic destined for the customer's site is diverted through the nearest Riverhead Guard XT, which applies a series of patented technologies based on Riverhead's Multi-Verification Process™ (MVP) architecture to identify and remove bad packets while allowing good packets to continue flowing.

    Attacks on the Rise

    Recent events -- most visibly the MyDoom-generated DDoS attacks against SCO and Microsoft and a spate of well-publicized Super Bowl weekend attacks against scores of online gaming sites, in addition to less well-known attacks across a range of businesses -- show that not only are DDoS attacks growing more frequent, but that building armies of zombie attackers is relatively easy and commonplace.

    As the threat grows, many companies are looking to their managed service providers to protect them from these attacks. DataPipe developed SureArmour as a direct response to these requests.

    "The recent flurry of attacks has shown just how vulnerable businesses are to DDoS attacks," said Robb Allen, CEO, DataPipe Managed Services. "SureArmour is designed to provide our customers with the protection they need, which in turn leaves them secure in the knowledge that their business operations are safe. The Riverhead technology plays a key role in this effort, delivering purpose-built solutions that allow DataPipe to mitigate even the largest and most powerful attacks with unequaled precision, which translates into maximum uptime and availability for our SureArmour subscribers."

    "Managed service providers such as DataPipe are on the front lines of the DDoS wars," said Yuval Rachmilevitz, CEO of Riverhead. "They and their customers suffer the consequences of these attacks every day, and only they understand the level of protection they need. When DataPipe was looking for a solution, they concluded that only Riverhead's new XT Series of appliances deliver the performance and scalability they need to defend against the massively distributed attacks they are seeing. We are pleased that DataPipe has joined the ranks of innovative, market-leading managed hosting and service providers that rely on Riverhead's performance as well as our robust operational reliability and economical scaling to protect their mission-critical business infrastructure."

    Riverhead DDoS Solutions

    The Riverhead Guard XT represents the industry's most complete and powerful DDoS protection solution. Based on the principles of detection, diversion, multi-layer analysis and mitigation, the Riverhead Guard XT eliminates the impact of DDoS attacks without affecting the flow of legitimate transactions, preserving business continuity.

    When a DDoS attack is launched against a DataPipe SureArmour subscriber, all traffic addressed to the targeted device, and only that traffic, is diverted through the Guard XT for analysis and mitigation. The Guard XT utilizes Riverhead-patented technologies and algorithms to examine individual flows and block malicious packets while allowing legitimate traffic to continue flowing to its ultimate destination.

    About Riverhead Networks

    Riverhead's solutions defend networks against crippling DDoS attacks, securing Internet availability. By filtering out malicious traffic, the company's security systems ensure business continuity for ISPs, hosting centers and large enterprises, maintaining network and server availability for legitimate users.

    Riverhead's patent-pending MVP architecture automatically blocks attack packets and forwards real customer transactions, without relying on other network devices. "Dynamic diversion" enables Riverhead to redirect only traffic flowing towards a targeted resource through the Riverhead Guard to block malicious packets, maximizing scalability and reliability benefits.

    Riverhead Networks is funded by Sequoia Capital, Cisco Systems, Gemini Israel Funds, Intel Capital and Koor Venture Capital. For more information about Riverhead, visit www.riverhead.com.

    Riverhead Networks, Riverhead Guard and Multi-Verification Process are trademarks of Riverhead Networks Inc. SureArmour is a trademark of DataPipe, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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