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Riverhead Networks Delivers New Management, Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities for DDoS Attack Detection & Mitigation

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    MVP/OS v3.0 Features Multiple Levels of Monitoring and Reporting,     New Graphical User Interface, Riverhead-Specific SNMP MIB

    Riverhead Networks™, a leading provider of solutions designed to block distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to preserve business continuity for ISPs, data centers and large enterprises, today announced the next generation of its MVP/OS operating system that provides network operators, security administrators and users with detailed insight into how the Riverhead solutions are protecting the business infrastructure.

    The MVP/OS v3.0 delivers multiple levels of monitoring and statistical reports, providing users with high-level summaries showing the current status of Riverhead-protected zones down to individual attack-level reports that offer specific details about a particular event. With these real-time and historical statistics, delivered via an easy-to-use interface, operators can monitor attack activity to understand which protected zones are being targeted, review responses to and confirm protection against individual attacks, and compile reports that show how the system has performed over time.

    "At the same time that enterprises are increasing the dependence of the business on Internet-connected applications and services, the Internet is the origin of a growing number of DDoS attacks," said Eric Hemmendinger, research director for security and privacy at Aberdeen Group. "The ability to quickly identify and respond to these attacks is critical to keeping the Internet-connected assets online for servicing customers. Riverhead's new generation of software accelerates the identification, response and resolution of the attacks, even in multi-gigabit class networks."

    Riverhead Family Management

    The MVP/OS v3.0 dramatically simplifies device management, configuration and operations for both the new Riverhead Guard™ XT and the Riverhead Detector™ XT, as well as the existing Riverhead Guard and Riverhead Detector. The MVP/OS v3.0 also offers a command line interface (CLI) for device management and monitoring, providing additional interface options.

    Monitoring & Reporting

    Real-time device and protected zone monitoring provide at-a-glance overviews that allow network and security operations staff to immediately assess the status of all devices and zones currently under protection. Summary reports include a list of current and recent attacks, their associated characteristics, and the mitigation responses employed, enabling rapid verification of operations and providing critical information required to make any necessary adjustments.

    Drill-down attack reports offer details about specific attacks in a given zone, including attack characteristics, identified zombies and defenses deployed, helping security experts track attack sources and determine optimal responses for future attacks. The reports can also reveal trends that help users prepare for future attacks, make informed capacity planning decisions, and adjust configurations and policies in other security and network devices. An interactive mode allows users to review and approve defensive measures and correlated policies recommended by the system before they are enacted to maintain a level of manual control.

    Customer-level historical reports enable IT administrators and service providers to show their customers how they have successfully protected them from attacks.

    Standards-based Management

    The MVP/OS v3.0 also supports industry standards that enable the Riverhead solutions to integrate with existing operational management tools. A Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management information base (MIB) makes all device-, protected zone-, and attack-level statistics available to standards-based management solutions. Support for additional interfaces to TACACS+ authentication and syslog servers contribute to complete, standards- based manageability.

    About Riverhead Networks

    Riverhead's solutions defend networks against crippling DDoS and worm attacks, securing Internet availability. By identifying and filtering out malicious traffic, the company's security systems ensure business continuity for ISPs, hosting centers and large enterprises, maintaining network and server availability for legitimate users.

    Riverhead's patent-pending Multi-Verification Process™ (MVP) architecture automatically blocks attack packets and forwards real customer transactions, without relying on other network devices. "Dynamic diversion" enables Riverhead to redirect only traffic flowing towards a targeted resource through the Riverhead Guard to block malicious packets, maximizing scalability and reliability benefits.

    Riverhead Networks is funded by Sequoia Capital, Cisco Systems, Gemini Israel Funds, Intel Capital and Koor Venture Capital. For more information about Riverhead, visit www.riverhead.com.

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