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    Copenhagen, Denmark (ots/PRNewswire) -

    - The World's Leading Technology for Enterprise Remote Control is Now Available for Supplying Help Desk Services Across the Internet Without Pre-Installing Software or Configuring Firewalls.

    Danware, the world's leading provider of high-end remote control software for professional users, announced today the latest extension of its NetOp Remote Control product line. NetOp On Demand Remote Control is a new breed of remote support tools that is being rapidly adopted in help-desk centres. It allows technical support staff and help-desk employees to virtually sit next to their customers, see what's on their screens, and share their mouse and keyboard control. NetOp On Demand makes it easy to set up a connection to a help-desk centre, regardless of firewall configurations.

    With NetOp On Demand it has become easier to diagnose and resolve issues. Most importantly, its design means that it does this in a way that is secure, under the end user's control, fast, and scalable. NetOp On Demand doesn't require end users to install time-consuming or undesired software, and because it is part of the NetOp Remote Control product range, it comes with a track record of secure remote control, completing all your remote control needs.

    Aimed at large organisations supplying software end-user support, such as Internet service providers, telecommunications companies, ERP vendors, CRM vendors, and banks, NetOp On Demand offers end users the opportunity to download a remote control application from a dedicated website (or via links placed on an existing website) and request help from a help-desk centre, when they need it. With 256-bit AES encryption and no third party servers to route traffic, the solution is very secure. NetOp On Demand is also flexible, offering the choice of multiple or single connections, and it is highly scalable, so it can grow to suit your increasing business needs.

    Using NetOp On Demand is a way to maximise help-desk efficiency. It enables help-desk personnel to chat online in real-time with customers, remotely view an end user's computer, and share their mouse and keyboard control, which all result in a timely resolution of problems and an increase in customer satisfaction.

    With NetOp On Demand, no software is required to be preinstalled and/or running prior to receiving remote support and the application is automatically removed from the end user's computer once the support session has ended, eliminating the need to maintain, upgrade, and service installed applications. End users simply temporarily download a small application to their computer from a website. The help session is initiated from the end user's computer using HTTP running through port 80 (most firewalls will allow outbound traffic without restrictions whereas inbound traffic is completely tied down by default). The end user can disconnect the session at any time.

    As Kim Macallan, Product Manager for NetOp On Demand Remote Control points out, "With traditional support it often takes several days to help customers, but they typically need help right away. So, for end users outside of a help centre's network, NetOp On Demand offers a clear advantage. The remote support for end users, without the need to pre-install software, results in a timely resolution of problems, increases customer satisfaction, and reduces support costs."

    "NetOp On Demand extends the remote control product range from Danware," continues Macallan. "It contains the functionality that help desks supporting end users outside of their network require, and it maintains the strong track record of superior security that Danware customers expect."

    To request a free trial of the NetOp On Demand, visit the product website at nod.netop.com

    About Danware

    Danware develops and markets the award-winning NetOp family of remote  control products, and with the release of NetOp On Demand Remote Control has  extended its product range. It offers the most comprehensive, effective, and  security conscious way to maintain IT support. NetOp On Demand is a new breed  of remote support, enabling help desks to offer superior remote support to  end users who are outside their network, when they are asked to. This  minimises IT support costs and increases customer satisfaction. NetOp School gives teachers and corporate trainers a powerful tool for networked classroom  instruction, enabling teachers to maximise the potential of computer-based  teaching. Finally, NetOp Desktop Firewall provides powerful, centrally  controlled security for corporate laptops, keeping them safe from malicious  programs. Danware is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and markets  its products worldwide through a global network of professional partners.

    For more info: Email: info@netop.com

    Product Homepage: www.netop.com

    Company Homepage: www.danware.com

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