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NetOp Remote Control Version 8.0 - Complete and Secure Remote Control Software

    Copenhagen, Denmark (ots/PRNewswire) - The new version of the multi-award winning NetOp Remote Control solution extends the secure remote control platform to include secure support and maintenance of user desktops, servers, and other IT devices. Additionally, NetOp version 8.0 is the first remote control solution in the world to support IPv6, the Internet communication platform of the future.

    Danware, the world's leading provider of high-end remote control software for professional users, announced today the latest version of its multi-award winning NetOp Remote Control. NetOp Remote Control 8.0 is the most comprehensive, effective, and security-conscious way to maintain IT support. Designed to fit the most complex of environments, NetOp enables IT professionals to access virtually any desktop and server platform remotely. The solution provides the highest level of centrally managed secure connectivity, supporting all standard communication protocols, including IPv6, which is the standard of the future for Internet and general network communication.

    The combination of remote control, remote management, and enterprise level security makes NetOp the ultimate enterprise solution for user support and maintenance as well as remote management of servers.

    "In today's IT-dependent economy, your business is only as good as the tools you use to support it," says Kim Macallan, Product Manager for NetOp Remote Control. "If you allow employees to run any remote access tool that they please, no matter how inexpensive it is, you may be exposing your organisation to external attacks, and you may find that the less expensive products in fact have a very high price."

    Unlike low-cost remote control alternatives, such as the ones embedded into operating systems or freeware, NetOp Remote Control 8.0 offers enterprise level stability, security, and functionality, all in one single package.

    The new, improved version of NetOp Remote Control combines all the functionality that your organisation needs in today's high-risk IT environment. Now, more than ever, it is essential that remote access is restricted to authorised users only. "NetOp is built on the premise that people seeking access are intruders until proven otherwise," explains Kim Macallan. "NetOp Remote Control 8.0, with its extension of remote control to remote management and its increased levels of security, has the high quality features that enable enterprises to save time and money, and most importantly, do so without compromising security," he concludes.

    NetOp Remote Control 8.0 is available today and a free trial can be downloaded at www.netop.com.

    About Danware

    Danware develops and markets the award-winning NetOp family of remote control products, and with the release of NetOp Remote Control version 8.0 it provides the industry with the most comprehensive, effective, and security conscious way to maintain IT support. NetOp Remote Control is a pure-breed remote control software application. It enables superior remote control of any computing device using virtually any operating system, empowering corporations and government agencies worldwide to minimise IT support costs and boost operating efficiency. NetOp School gives teachers and corporate trainers a powerful tool for networked classroom instruction, enabling teachers to maximise the potential of computer-based teaching. Finally, NetOp Desktop Firewall provides powerful, centrally controlled security for corporate laptops, keeping them safe from malicious programs. Danware is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and markets its products worldwide through a global network of professional partners.

      Email: info@netop.com
      Product Homepage: www.netop.com
      Company Homepage: www.danware.com

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