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NetOp School 3.0 Boasts Powerful New Features That Extend Teachers' Ability to Increase Productivity in Networked Classrooms

    Copenhagen, Denmark (ots) - Powerful Features Such as Internet and Application Control, and a Unique Lesson Recorder, Put NetOp School 3.0 in a Class of Its Own

    With the release of NetOp School 3.0, Danware today consolidated its position as the #1 provider of computer-based teaching software. Delivering a host of powerful new features, NetOp School 3.0 enables educational institutions and corporate training departments to quickly and cost-effectively increase productivity in physical as well as virtual networked classrooms.

    "With NetOp School 3.0, Danware has made it easier for teachers to effectively demonstrate their teaching materials, control how students interact with those resources and monitor their progress," says Ole Haag, Product Manager for NetOp School.

    A major feature in the new version of NetOp School is the option to implement policies to control exactly which applications and Internet sites can be accessed by the students. These policies are flexible and can easily be changed on the fly. This important feature lets teachers restrict students' access to only those resources they need to use, thereby helping to keep students focused on the lesson being taught.

    "Using the new policies feature is a fast, effective tool that teachers can use to extend their control over the classroom," says Haag. "It increases their ability to achieve results by ensuring students aren't distracted during lessons. It also reduces the chances of students cheating during tests."

    Another major new feature in the release is the ability to record and replay lessons. While preparing the next lesson on their own computer, teachers can record the activity happening on their screen.

    "This feature lets teachers simply replay a pre-planned lesson for students rather than having to manually activate everything. They can also add a narration using the computer's built-in microphone to make lessons clearer and more dynamic," explains Haag, adding, "They can even record students' screens while monitoring their progress."

    Among other features new to version 3.0 is an industry-first, dynamic lesson-planning tool, the ability to send rich text messages and links to selected users, and support for multi-monitor environments.

    NetOp School's existing users will also enjoy the added convenience of version 3.0's new user-friendly interface. Working on feedback from end-users and partners, Danware has redesigned NetOp School's structure to ensure frequently used features and tools can be accessed instantly.

    A free trial copy of NetOp School 3.0 can be downloaded from     www.netop.com.

    About Danware

    Danware develops and markets the award-winning NetOp family of remote control products. Sold in over 60 countries, NetOp School is based on Danware's core technology and ranks as the world's leading remote and local computer-based teaching product. Danware is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and markets its products worldwide through a global network of professional partners.

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