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NetOp School Is World's First Computer-Based Teaching Tool to Support Citrix Multi-Server Load Balancing

    Copenhagen, Denmark (ots) -
    Load Balancing Support Ensures Optimal Usage of Server Capacity,
    Further Improving Performance and Lowering TCO of Large-Scale
    Deployments of NetOp School, a Leading Computer-Based Teaching
    Danware, provider of NetOp School, the #1 software for
computer-based teaching, announced today an upgrade for NetOp School
that makes it the first computer-based teaching tool to support load
balancing in multi-server environments, running Windows Terminal
Server OS and Citrix MetaFrame.
    Load balancing in multi-server environments means that users are
logged on to servers randomly to ensure that the joint capacity of
all servers is fully utilized. This way of handling users means a
challenge to software developers of one-to-many applications since
there's no control over the specific network location (IP address and
port number) of the individual sessions.
    The new load balancing upgrade for NetOp School effectively
overcomes this problem. Firstly, advanced connectivity technology is
used to detect the actual network location of the users. After that a
complex protocol conversion scheme makes the present locations of
users instantly available. This allows sessions between teacher and
students to take place as easily as if they were all located on the
same network string.
    "In addition to improving performance, support for load balancing
in Windows Terminal Server OS and Citrix MetaFrame environments
lowers the total cost of ownership of NetOp School by enabling users
to optimize server capacity," explains Ole Haag, Product Manager for
NetOp School. "This is especially valuable in the many large-scale
deployments of NetOp School."
    Sold in over 60 countries, NetOp School gives teachers and
corporate trainers a powerful tool for networked classroom
instruction, enabling teachers to effectively interact with students.
They can share their computer screen with the class, monitor
individual students' screens as they work, or lock the students'
computers to gain everyone's attention. There are also remote control
options that let them launch applications, and transfer files,
broadcast video in real-time, or simply chat with students on-line --
without requiring any additional hardware.
    "Adding support for Citrix MetaFrame is a natural progression for
NetOp School," explains Ole Haag, Product Manager for NetOp School.
"Being the first in the world to solve the technology challenge was
made possible through our Citrix Business Alliance membership."
    About Danware
    Danware develops and markets the award-winning NetOp family of
remote control products. Whereas NetOp School is dedicated to
maximizing the potential of remote and local computer-based teaching,
NetOp Remote Control is a pure-breed remote control software
application. It's one of only two viable standalone players on the
remote control market and the professional alternative to pcAnywhere.
It enables superior remote control of any computing device using
virtually any operating system, empowering corporations and
government agencies worldwide to minimize IT support costs and boost
operating efficiency. Danware is listed on the Copenhagen Stock
Exchange and markets its products worldwide through a global network
of professional partners.
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