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Unispeed Launches Next Generation Cyber Security Tool

    Copenhagen, Denmark (ots) - Netlogger Cyber Threat Management (CTM) Introduces New Network Attack-Detection, Attack-Management and Repair Functions for High- Speed Networks

    The Netlogger CTM enables detection of known and unknown types of network attacks, using known detection methods and propriety Unispeed network monitoring algorithms. A demonstration of the new tool will be given at the upcoming CeBIT 2003 show in Hannover, Germany at the "Denmark Stand" in hall 3, stand A17.

    Netlogger CTM does not replace the traditional firewall, but provides supplementary protection, which can prevent and limit the damage when somebody finds unsuspected ways into the network. "A firewall can prevent known types of attacks on a network, but the most severe damage occurs when hackers utilize new or unknown methods to break in," says Casper Wilstrup, CTO. "Netlogger CTM can detect an attack that is in progress even if the specific nature or purpose of the attack is unknown."

    Netlogger CTM technology, based on Unispeed's popular Netlogger Suite 2, is designed to simplify the implementation of network security monitoring. "Even the best protected networks can be breached if the attack type is new and unknown to normal security devices. With the Netlogger CTM chances of catching or blocking such penetrating traffic is a lot higher," says Morten L. Jensen, Executive Vice President of Unispeed. "Unispeed Netlogger CTM is easy to configure and use, and give network owners early alert on potential problems," continues Morten L. Jensen.

    Netlogger CTM also simplifies the "disaster recovery" process. When an attack is detected, all activity on the network is automatically recorded in industry standard formats, aiding the subsequent clean up process. "These traffic recordings determine what took place up to and during the attack or break-in. This is vital for forensic work, and helps determine which data or resources were affected," says Casper Wilstrup.

    About Unispeed A/S

    Unispeed A/S is a Danish-owned technology company that develops and delivers hardware and software for monitoring, securing and logging network traffic to some of the world's largest Internet portals and enterprises. The company was established in 2000 and has offices in Europe and the USA.

    For further information about Unispeed, visit www.unispeed.com.

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