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Discrimination Insurance

    Huddinge, Sweden (ots) - Applications for insurance against
ethnic, gender and religious discrimination, on equal terms on all
continents, are now being solicited and received. The insurance will
provide for assistance with documentation of rights violations,
litigation expenses and media services. The offer is conditioned upon
the receipt of a sufficient number of applications.
    Two Swedish firms, Nazerian Management Consulting and Bellwether
AB, have combined efforts to meet a perceived demand for personal
security by insuring individuals' equal rights in different parts of
the world. The possibility to insure friends and relatives living in
troubled areas, or working in segregated sectors of society, is
expected to provide a way for concerned individuals to extend this
personal security to others.
    Services encompass publicizing rights violations by individuals
who enjoy legal impunity and civil suits against them when they
travel outside the jurisdiction in which they are exempt from
responsibility. Monetary rewards will be offered for information
leading to the arrests of gross violators. Subsequent to successful
civil litigation, the winner - loser relationship will be publicized
in a clear way.
    The service hopes to contribute mechanism to the field of equal
rights in regions where the World Trade Organization protects the
rights of insurance companies to compete, while non-for-profit human
rights organizations are restricted in their work.
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