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New CrypKey v6.0 Released: Defend Against The Top Software Piracy Threats In 2003 With The Best Security Tools At the Best Value

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    Battle-Proven Software Protection & License Security With     Clonebuster, StealthPLUS & More

    Software Developers are facing new global piracy threats for 2003 that include ghost cloning, advanced hacker debug tools and rogue key generators. New CrypKey v6.0 security tools integrated with Clonebuster and StealthPlus technologies effectively solve the problem for Software Developers.

    CrypKey v6.0 with industry-first Clonebuster technology

    Normally the burned-in hard drive serial number (HDSN) on IDE hard drives is very difficult to access, but new CrypKey v6.0 with Clonebuster technology has this patent-pending ability. Leveraging the ten year time-proven CrypKey protection architecture, Clonebuster technology detects and logs the HDSN, model number and firmware identifier, then uses this information in its proprietary licensing algorithms. The benefit is exceptional---ghost cloning programs that copy the entire hard drive will succeed in breaking other simple copy protection schemes---but not CrypKey v6.0.

    CrypKey v6.0 StealthPLUS + Dynamic Encryption = Hacker

    NightmareCrypKey v6.0 Security Tools also integrate the next generation of our Stealth technology along with new Dynamic Encryption. The advanced StealthPLUS teams up in memory with a special "symbiotic" process that unencrypts program parts as needed, dramatically decreasing vulnerability - defeating even the most advanced debug tools. The new CrypKey v6.0 also incorporates a "dynamic multiple encryption key" scheme, so that encryption keys are constantly changing on the fly, truly a code breaker's nightmare. This also halts any attempts to create "rogue key generators."

    Simple pricing for Software Developers is based on a "per product protected basis" with no royalty hassles. New CrypKey v6.0 Security Tools are available now in either SDK or Instant form and can be ordered online at:

    Upgrade procedures for current CrypKey clients located at:

    CrypKey Canada Inc.

    CrypKey and its unique Copy Protection and License Security software has grown over ten years to become a robust product and service suite that has been licensed by 2,000+ clients in 60+ countries, including; Cadence, Nokia, Ericsson, IBM, Microsoft, Caterpillar, Eaton, Dupont, Fujitsu, Minolta, HP, Honeywell, 3M and thousands more.

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